Mobley’s fate in basketball could be decided by a single coin toss

At the end of last basketball season, “Cleveland” and “Oklahoma” finished the season with the same result (22 wins and 50 losses). An additional lottery has determined that the Thunder will emerge victorious in this confrontation, and the Cavs (in the worst case scenario) can only get the 9th pick in the draft. But the main lottery was favorable to Cleveland. 3rd pick and Evan Mobley.

Many fans of the basketball team were cautious about the prospects of a rookie in his debut season in the league. I didn’t want to set my expectations too high. I wanted to do without unnecessary pressure, especially from the media. Just follow the development of a young player who will hone his skills, gain valuable experience and learn from mistakes. I did not want to think about the potential newcomer of the year, the future participant of the MVZ and various symbolic teams of the season.

What was there to know about Evan Mobley before the draft?

7 foot basketball player with defensive skills. Modern, versatile big with incredible potential in defense due to its physical data, arm length, mobility and instincts. Basketball player who is able to close two positions (minimum) in the starting lineup. Due to his skills, he will definitely not be a problem link in building a team when exchanging defensively, he himself will create problems for opponents by exchanging for players of any position.

His offensive potential could also be seen with the naked eye. Yes, Evan was not considered a scoring specialist, but he did not have hard cons that would not allow him to realize his opportunities at the NBA level.
Cleveland General Manager Kobe Altman described him post-draft with one catchphrase: “He is one of those rare guys who, when they touch the ball, does something good for the team every time. He is not selfish. And every time he tries to play correctly. That’s why it’s really hard to classify him into any particular role or position.”

Pros of Evan Mobley. Why is Cleveland’s rookie so good?

The first thing that comes to mind when you first see Evan Mobley. Center with a height of 213 centimeters moves incredibly fast. Even faster than you could imagine.

Evan himself said that the first difficulty he encountered was speed. Everything moves incredibly fast in the league, both on the court (players) and off the court (very tight schedule, training, flights, two games in two days, etc.).

But Evan was not only ready for this, rather, even the league was not quite ready for the Cavs newcomer. He easily trades for perimeter players, moves under the basket or meets an opponent at a medium distance. Currently, Mobley is in the top three in the entire basketball league in the number of shots he interfered with (515 shots, more than 12 on average per game).