Chamberlain was predicted a hundred as soon as he hit basketball league

Chamberlain was most glorious basketball athlete in past of basketball. 216 cm, 125 kg, arm span – 230 cm. Chamberlain ran a hundred meters in 11 seconds, jumped 70 centimeters, lifted 290 kilograms in the deadlift, and took 170 kilograms from the push. On top of that, he also tried to work more on basketball technique, and at least hide his athletic superiority with graceful numbers.

He broke NBA records in his first 2 years – 37.6 marks in 1, 38.4 in second. But in the summer of 1961, trainer Frank McGuire came to Philadelphia, whose idea was to build two-thirds of the attacks through the center and not put him on the bench under any circumstances.

McGuire’s coaching style seemed revolutionary

Sports Illustrated said that “it can shift nature of basketball and transform it from a mindless scurrying about with fights, cigar smoke in the face and dreams of money into the true big league it deserves to be.”
Chamberlain recorded an unbelievable result of 2 and a half months before a 100-point game. For the Lakers, then-achievement winner Elgin Baylor (70 marks) ran for the Lakers and, when asked if Chamberlain had more game time , did not upset him, he also said prophetically: “One day this guy will score a hundred.”

The Philadelphia players hated Hershey

“This arena is a godforsaken place,” tolld Tom Meshcheri. “Hershey is built near gigantic chocolate manufactory, and stinks of it . It is unbearable to be inside – people begin to feel sick. Personally, I only thought about how to get out of there as soon as possible.
The unpopularity of the NBA was then treated with double matches, usually combining basketball games of student (more popular teams) and professional basketball teams. In Hershey, fans were more interested in an exhib ition match between Eagles and Colts.

Even when Chamberlain scored 50 points, basketball arena was still bored

Harvey Pollak figured out how to shake her up a little – he told host Dave Zinkoff how many points center had. And he announced it to everyone – gradually audience began to understand that things were going to something unusual.
Six minutes before end of match it finally turned into a farce. The New York basketball players realized where everything was going and tried to prevent it – now they began to foul on all Philadelphia teams who were not called Wilt, all in order to prevent the ball from reaching the center.

“When he scored 100 points, he was the least happy,” Al Attles confirmed. “We were going crazy in locker room, and he kept saying, ‘I never imagined I would make 63 shots in a game. But we told him: “Forget Wilt, you scored 100 points.”