For the first time this season, there is no major injury to report. A little shocking I guess, but this is a trend that we would definitely welcome. This week, we'll be welcoming De'Andre Ayton back from his 25-game suspension. Congratulations if you bought low or survived his 8-week absence. Good times are ahead. Nikola … Continue reading WAIVER WIRE WISDOM: WEEK 9

Usage Rate: Josh Richardson

Usage Rate Formula=100*[(Team Minutes)/(5*(Player Minutes))]*[(Field Goal Attempts)+0.44*(Free Throw Attempts)+(Turnovers)/[(Team Field Goal Attempts)+0.44*(Team Free Throw Attempts)+Team Turnovers)] That's the nerd terms above, but let me highlight the areas that Starks pays most attention to. Minutes, Field Goal Attempts, Free Throw Attempts, and turnovers by a player. These four things are essential to see how much a coach trusts … Continue reading Usage Rate: Josh Richardson