Prospect Rankings

2019 Rookie Dynasty Rankings – Top 30

DeAndre Hunter & Ty Jerome celebrating their future NBA careers.
  1. Zion Williamson
  2. Ja Morant
  3. RJ Barrett
  4. Jarrett Culver 
  5. Cameron Reddish 
  6. Bol Bol (INJ)
  7. Brandon Clarke
  8. Kevin Porter Jr
  9. Goga Bitadze 
  10. Nickeil Alexander-Walker
  11. Jontay Porter (INJ)
  12. Darius Garland (INJ)
  13. Grant Williams 
  14. DeAndre Hunter
  15. Rui Hachimura
  16. Jaxson Hayes 
  17. Daniel Gafford
  18. Naz Reid
  19. Sekou Doumbouya
  20. Tre Jones
  21. Charles Bassey 
  22. Killian Tillie
  23. Nassir Little 
  24. KZ Okpala
  25. Jalen McDaniels
  26. Romeo Langford 
  27. Bruno Fernando
  28. Carsen Edwards
  29. Admiral Schofield 
  30. Keldon Johnson

Other names we’re watching, in no particular order:

(Bold names indicate a player making a strong case for the Top 30 but just barely missing out currently.)

Quentin Grimes, Deividas Sirvydis, Sagaba Konate, Moses Brown, Jaylen Hoard, Isaiah Roby, Mattise Thybulle, Dedric Lawson, Shamorie Ponds, Josh Reaves, Luka Samanic, Ty Jerome, Talen Horton-Tucker, Kris Wilkes, Luguentz Dort, Jalen Pickett, Eric Paschall, PJ Washington, Louis King, Ayo Dosunmu, Herb Jones, Daulton Hommes, Coby White, Miye Oni, Ignas Brazdeikis, Dylan Windler, Simi Shittu

Also, two guys who may be decent future fantasy players are Darius Bazley and Jalen Lecque. Unfortunately, they’re skipping college to train for the 2019 NBA Draft so we cannot watch them.

These rankings will be updated and changed throughout the season.

The rankings are predominantly determined by each prospect’s performance this season but with some influence from obvious presumed potential to develop, as well as a player’s previous collegiate/professional years where applicable. Aspects that don’t appear in box scores also help define these rankings: intangibles that Scouts and GM’s look for like court vision, defense, basketball IQ, hustle, and athleticism. While these items don’t show up in fantasy basketball categories, they are very important in helping the player earn playing time in the NBA.

Below is a brief bio of each player listed above.

You’ll notice some players have “Minutes” listed as a ‘weakness’ or a ‘strength’. By that, I mean, if it’s listed as a ‘weakness’, there’s a good chance that the player might struggle to earn big minutes from the start, for one reason or another. Conversely, if it’s listed as a ‘strength’, that player has a high-lottery pedigree and will likely step right into a nice chunk of playing time right off the bat.

Zion Williamson

SF/PF at Duke, 6’6-6’7, 285lbs.

Weaknesses: FT% / Strengths: Minutes, Points, Rebounds, Steals, Blocks, FG%, maybe Turnovers

Potential to be a top 5-10 fantasy player if he can improve his FT% a bit more. Heck, he’s so good that he could still be even if he doesn’t improve it. Freakish athlete that will be a great contributor in every cat except FT%.

Update: Still hands-down the #1 Dynasty pick.

Bol Bol

C at Oregon, 7’2-7’3, 235lbs.

Weaknesses: Assists / Strengths: Minutes, Points, Rebounds, Blocks, 3’s, FG%, maybe Steals

Lots of Porzingis in his Fantasy game. Unicorn. Blocks and 3’s, plus stuff. ‘Nuff said.

Update: Unfortunately, Bol has sustained what seems like a season-ending injury. This is significant for a project like Bol as he can use as much experience on the court as possible to help his draft stock. There’s still loads of Fantasy potential here but he’s becoming more of a risk/reward option. He still has the upside of an early-round Unicorn. He also might have a floor closer to a Thon Maker.

Cameron Reddish

SG/SF at Duke, 6’8, 218lbs.

Weaknesses: Assists, Blocks, maybe FG% / Strengths: Minutes, Steals, 3’s, FT%

Will give you LOTS of 3’s, plus stuff and things. Also a fantastic FT% guy. I like his ceiling. At the least, Reddish has a reliably solid 3-and-D floor if he were to never reach that ceiling.

Update: Reddish is still exactly what I expect him to be – a BIG 3-point provider, leading to nice points, plus reliable FT%, and some steals.

Update #2: Reddish has quieted down a bit lately. I still think he’s a better player than what he appears to be at Duke. A product of his surroundings, I still believe Reddish is at least a better playmaker than he gets to show. I’d still consider him for a Top 5 pick in Dynasty leagues, after Zion.

Deandre Hunter

SF at Virginia, 6’8, 225lbs.

Weaknesses: Blocks / Strengths: Minutes, Points, Rebounds, maybe Steals, maybe FG%

Potential jack of all trades. Could eventually be an every-cat stud. I love the thought of this guy on my fantasy roster and you should too.

Update: Hunter has fallen a great deal since his promising start. I wouldn’t take him Top 5 anymore but I still believe in his every-cat upside.

Ja Morant

PG at Murray State, 6’3, 170lbs.

Weaknesses: Turnovers / Strengths: Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, maybe Blocks, maybe 3’s, maybe Minutes

Best PG in the 2019 NBA Draft who just happens to miss out on the recognition he deserves because he doesn’t play for a Power 5 school. He balls out regardless of who he plays against: like when he posted 38/8/5/1/1 against Alabama’s elite size and defense. Great athlete. Great dunks. Great stats. He could use more bulk for NBA purposes but he has it all – Pts, Ast, Reb, Stl, 3’s, FT%, and even blocks! Phoenix, please draft him!

Update: Morant is still, and will probably continue to be, the best stat sheet-stuffer not on a Power 5 school. Do yourself a favor and look up his season averages.

Update #2: Morant has passed the most anticipated test we’ve been waiting for. In front of numerous NBA Scouts, he lit up Auburn, one of the best defenses the SEC has to offer, with another huge line that we’re pretty much accustomed to seeing from him now. At this rate, there’s nothing to hold Morant back except his own jump shot mechanics. I don’t see him falling out of my Top 5.

Jontay Porter

C at Missouri, 6’11, 240lbs.

Weaknesses: ? / Strengths: Rebounds, Blocks, maybe Assists, maybe 3’s

This one is a bit of a risk due to an injury that’ll be holding him out for the entirety of the 2018-19 season. We should all hope he makes a full recovery with no setbacks as he has the potential to be somewhat of an every-cat unicorn. His brother, Michael Porter Jr, could be a great real-life piece with scoring and craftiness, but I believe Jontay has the capabilities to be a better fantasy play than his lottery-level brother.

Daniel Gafford

PF/C at Arkansas, 6’11, 235lbs.

Weaknesses: Assists, 3’s, FT%, maybe Turnovers / Strengths: Minutes, Rebounds, Blocks, FG%, maybe Steals

A reliable source of big man stats with the potential added benefit of steals. Punt FT% and/or 3’s guy.

Update: Continues to be what I thought he would be. I expect it to persist, allowing him to hold his spot in the rankings. He might even move up (like he already did, actually) due to players ahead of him faltering. Conversely, if players behind him improve, there’s a chance of him falling behind them. There’s a solid floor with Gafford. It’s a “we know what we have” idea here.

Nassir Little

SF at North Carolina, 6’6, 220lbs.

Weaknesses: Assists / Strengths: Minutes, Rebounds, Steals, FG%

Little is tough to gauge. He’s not even starting for his college team. That’s more of a coaching philosophy than anything else, but Little is just scratching the surface of his potential. Who knows what he can become? He has star upside if he continues to develop at the rate he’s displayed up to this point. There’s also a (small) chance he busts into becoming nothing more than an Andre Roberson-type used for defense. He, and Sekou Doumbouya, are the biggest question mark for me until we see more.

Update: Unfortunately, the song remains the same for Little. He just hasn’t broken out into the super-stud that we all thought he could be. He’s still a physical specimen possessing a ton of upside. Hopefully he gets it together soon, but, either way, Little will be a lottery consideration for his physical tools alone.

Kevin Porter Jr

SG at USC, 6’6, 215.

Weaknesses: FT% / Strengths: Minutes, Points, Blocks, Steals, maybe Assists, maybe 3’s, maybe turnovers

Has potential to develop as a distributor and provide assists, but can he do it consistently? Great real-life offensive slashing/scoring game. FT% currently holding his value down but Porter can get you rare blocks from the Guard position.

Update: The Kevin Porter hype train is full steam ahead. Look for him to move up real-life draft boards, putting a damper on our hopes of stealing him later in Dynasty drafts.

Update #2: KPJ has played very limited minutes lately after recently returning from injury. This shouldn’t affect his value but maybe his Dynasty draft stock dips a bit, allowing you to grab him a few spots later than he should have gone.

Brandon Clarke

SF/SG at Gonzaga, 6’7, 190lbs.

Weaknesses: Assists, FT%, maybe Minutes / Strengths: Rebounds, Steals, Blocks, FG%, Turnovers

Clarke is a weird situation. He gives you great traditional big man stats, but he’s not a big man. Somehow, Clarke is one of the league leaders in blocks even though he’s missing a few inches and a few dozen pounds to look the part. Needs a little more bulk but plays as a Big stuck in a Wing’s body. He’s also starting to nail 3’s this season. If he can continue swishing them consistently, that boosts his value even further.

Update: Clarke is finally beginning to get the recognition he deserves. His talent wasn’t the lingering question in the preseason – his consistency was. The 3’s may never be a focused aspect of his game but Clarke still brings absolutely massive Blocks and FG% upside, while also showing the ability to grab significant Rebounds and Steals. There’s still a question about his potential to translate those boards to the big leagues because of his size but Clarke could very well be a Dynasty draft day steal if he falls outside the top 10 selections.

Darius Garland

PG at Vanderbilt, 6’2, 175lbs.

Weaknesses: Turnovers, maybe Blocks / Strengths: Points, Assists, 3’s, FG%

Often regarded as the top Point Guard prospect of 2019, Garland, unfortunately, went down with an injury to his left meniscus that’ll hold him out the entirety of his Freshman, and likely only, year in College. If there’s a bright side, it’s that the injury is not uncommon among basketball players and there’s close to a 100% chance that he’ll make his way back to full health in short order. It’s believed that his draft stock will not be affected by this unlucky turn of events. Garland holds nice upside as a great shooter who could potentially contribute in several supporting stat categories as well.

Luguentz Dort

SG at Arizona State, 6’4, 215lbs.

Weaknesses: Blocks, FT%, Turnovers / Strengths: Points, Rebounds, Steals, maybe Assists, maybe 3’s

Averages big points, steals, rebounds, and 3pt acumen. If he keeps this up, he’ll crash the lottery party – in real life and fantasy drafts. A big weakness is his FT%. The phrase ‘category-killer’ is breathing down his neck but I have sound hopes that it can trend up as he continues to work on them. His shooting consistency could also use a bit of improvement.

Update: Dort has dropped entirely out of the early-round Dynasty equation here due to some recent struggles. There’s better options in round 1.

Nickeil Alexander-Walker

PG/SG at Virginia Tech, 6’6, 200lbs.

Weaknesses: None? / Strengths: Points, Assists, Steals, 3’s

NAW has shown impressively improved distributing, especially out of Pick-and-Rolls, leading me to believe he can be a decent NBA-level playmaker. Combine that with his good spot-up shooting and on-ball improvement, and we have a player that could potentially see big minutes right off the bat as a rookie. Potential to contribute a bit in every category has me very high on him as a fantasy player.

Naz Reid

PF/C at LSU, 6’10, 240lbs.

Weaknesses: maybe Turnovers / Strengths: Rebounds, Steals, Blocks, maybe FG%, maybe 3’s

Reid has dealt with some slight injuries that have held him back a bit – in playing time and performance. He doesn’t seem comfortable asserting himself like a guy with his size and skills should yet. Once he finds his game again, he has huge upside with no real weak spots. He handles the ball well for a big dude and can shoot it from various areas on the court. When he finds his niche in the NBA, he’ll positively contribute in virtually every fantasy category.

Update: As of now, Reid has not displayed the assertiveness and aggression a guy with his size and skill set should at the collegiate level. Reid still has the tools to be considered in the NBA lottery but he just hasn’t done enough to plant his flag there yet. As a guy with the potential to contribute across the board in fantasy, I’d still look for him relatively early in Dynasty drafts.

Update #2: It’s still been relatively woeful for Reid so far. His perceived upside is beginning to fade. I still believe in his skill set to be a contributor across the Fantasy board. It just might not be to the level I once thought.

RJ Barrett

SF/SG at Duke, 6’7, 200lbs.

Weaknesses: Blocks, FG%, maybe Turnovers, maybe FT% / Strengths: Minutes, Points, Rebounds, Assists, 3’s

He may be a top-3 real-life draft prospect but I’m not touching him in my fantasy drafts as it stands now. He’s currently an inefficient shooter who looks to bring more bad than good for fantasy purposes. His somewhat decent ability to get assists might be the only thing even keeping him in my top 30 fantasy prospects. I do expect some of his stats to improve as the season wears on. They better if we have any hopes of him contributing the value you’d expect from a potential early fantasy selection. I believe Barrett has a very high ceiling; it’s his fantasy floor I don’t trust. He passes the real-life eye test. He fails the fantasy eye test.

Update: Barrett has begun to come on as of late – in real life and in fantasy considerations. If he can continue to string together some strong performances, Barrett may work his way off my naughty list and into true early-round Dynasty draft contention.

Update #2: While he has certainly shown some playmaking ability as of late (albeit with the ball in his hands maybe more than it should be), Barrett still displays negative efficiency stats that will hurt you in Fantasy.

Rui Hachimura

F at Gonzaga, 6’8, 225lbs.

Weaknesses: Assists, maybe Steals / Strengths: Minutes, Points, FG%, maybe Rebounds, maybe 3’s

A super athletic fellow in the midst of a real-life breakout campaign, Rui currently leaves a lot to be desired on the fantasy side. He appears to be a decent enough shooter that he should be attempting more from 3, but that’s not his game. He’s not providing as many steals and blocks as you’d like from a guy like him. He’s also struggling from the FT line and doesn’t quite yet have the passing chops to count up any assists. I like this kid a lot and I want to believe he has top 50 upside down the road. I could see him blossoming into something much more than just a scorer. Whichever NBA team drafts him likely won’t need him as their first option anyway.

Update: It seems Hachimura is settling in as a Junior. Scoring points, his most solid strength, will always be there. The aspect that’s helping him grind his way up the rankings is his recent ability to contribute in other categories. At this rate, he could be a Top 10 Fantasy prospect.

Romeo Langford

SG at Indiana, 6’6, 215lbs.

Weaknesses: maybe FT%, maybe Turnovers / Strengths: Minutes, Points, maybe Assists, maybe steals

Langford has a decent fantasy game which just needs to see the FT% and efficiency come up. I think it will. He’s been a good Free Throw shooter throughout his young career.

Update: Langford hasn’t shown the improvement I’d hoped up to this point. Questions are arising about what he can actually bring to the fantasy table. The way things stand now, I’d let another GM in my league draft him – even, and especially, if he’s taken in the NBA lottery, increasing his Dynasty draft day stock.

Sagaba Konate

PF/small-ball C at West Virginia, 6’8, 250lbs.

Weaknesses: Minutes, Assists / Strengths: Rebounds, Blocks, 3’s FG%, Turnovers, maybe Steals

Konate is one of the most exciting NCAA players to watch. He’s a nightly Triple-1 threat with gigantic blocks upside, who will also contribute in 3’s, Points, FT%, and maybe even FG% and Assists once he starts earning NBA playing time. Huge fantasy potential. Real-life intangibles may hold him back early on in his NBA career.

Konate attempting to do what he does best against the crafty Morant.

Jaxson Hayes

PF/C at Texas, 6’11, 2220lbs.

Weaknesses: Minutes, Assists, 3’s, FT% / Strengths: Rebounds, Blocks, FG%, Turnovers

I want Hayes to be a lottery-drafted player almost as much as I want that for Sagaba Konate – and that’s saying something. He’s currently projected to be selected in either the 2nd round or very late 1st round, depending on whose Mock Draft you look at – some sources even have him going undrafted still. But if he keeps up the pace he’s started the 2018-19 season with, NBA teams will have no choice but to at least consider him. He’s a bit foul-prone but contributes great big man stats (rebounds, blocks, FG%), plus some steals and the potential to develop a nice touch at the FT line.

Update: Hayes has somehow found himself on the naughty list at Texas. He’s now coming off the bench and playing fewer minutes than a top fantasy prospect should. Hopefully he climbs his way back up because he possesses an appetizing fantasy palette.

Update #2: Making a comeback, Hayes has earned some playing time back. It’s been relatively volatile up to this point and wonder if Hayes is being used correctly. Anyway, his traditional big man stat skill set will hold down his 1st-round potential. I’m even beginning to consider him for the lottery.

Goga Bitadze

PF/C Internationally, 6’11, 250lbs.

Weaknesses: Assists, maybe Minutes / Strengths: Points, Rebounds, Blocks, FG%, maybe 3’s

Nice big man stats with great points, boards, blocks, and FG% – plus some 3’s! Unicorn potential? Yes please.

Update: Not only has Bitadze held the status quo – he’s raised the bar. He’s putting up huge Points and Blocks, against grown men overseas, mind you. It seems as though Bitadze gets better each game.

Charles Bassey

C at Western Kentucky, 6’11, 245lbs.

Weaknesses: Assists, 3’s, FT%, maybe Minutes / Strengths: Rebounds, Blocks, FG%, maybe Steals

Currently rough around the edges offensively, and has looked a bit slow while sporting a knee brace on his right leg. Another player to help contribute nice big man stats here. His real-life stock has fallen a little. That might make for a great steal in your Dynasty drafts.

Update: Bassey’s scoring has been inconsistent. He’s still hanging on to his ranking because of his continued production in other categories. Another negative he’s been unfortunately displaying is a lack of explosiveness and the inability to get up and finish lobs that most NBA bigs would be able to. If these trends continue, I’d be worried about his real-life draft stock.

Jaylen Hoard

PF at Wake Forest, 6’8, 215lbs.

Weaknesses: Assists, 3’s, maybe Turnovers, maybe Minutes / Strengths: Rebounds, Steals, maybe Blocks

Potential to average a steal and a block but has a rough 3pt% which holds him back from Triple-1 upside. He still shoots them though, so he could have the potential to evolve if he develops that aspect of his game further. Gets to the line often and swishes about 2/3 of them. That’s close to Punt territory but I think he’ll get it a little better. He likely won’t help you in Assists but has nice upside in most other areas.

Update: Hoard has started to fizzle out in box scores, and on the court lately. Still possesses multi-cat upside but hasn’t displayed it over the last couple weeks.

Killian Tillie

PF at Gonzaga, 6’10, 200lbs.

Weaknesses: Assists, maybe Minutes / Strengths: Rebounds, FG%, Turnovers, maybe Steals, maybe Blocks

Tillie was an accurate 3pt-shooter during his Sophomore year. He also contributed in FG%, blocks, and some Steals, plus decent Rebounds and FT%. He’ll be returning from an injury soon. It’ll be nice to see him keep his foot on the gas and continue increasing these solid numbers.

Jarrett Culver

SG/PG at Texas Tech, 6’5, 190lbs.

Weaknesses: Blocks / Strengths: Points, Assists, 3’s, maybe FG%, maybe Rebounds

Culver seems to have taken a big step in his 3pt-shooting and playmaking in his Sophomore season so far. He could also be a positive in FG% and some steals. Still hasn’t hit a 70% FT average yet but he’s showing the improvement needed. Might need to bulk up a little more in the NBA.

Update: Culver has been phenominal for Texas Tech and is working his way up draft boards. If this continues, we won’t be able to nab him for a discount, hurting his potential to be a nice value pick.

Update #2: Culver has officially worked his way into early-lottery consideration in both Fantasy and real life. Here’s to hoping he can keep it up.

Jalen McDaniels

SF at San Diego State, 6’9, 190lbs.

Weaknesses: 3’s / Strengths: Steals, maybe Points, maybe Rebounds

He’s turned into a reliable 3pt guy in his second college campaign, adding Triple-1 upside to his fantasy value, plus solid rebounds and points. Might be another guy who should bulk up a bit before seeing big NBA minutes.

Isaiah Roby

PF at Nebraska, 6’8, 215lbs.

Weaknesses: Points, 3’s, Minutes / Strengths: FG%, Rebounds, Steals, Blocks, Turnovers

By now you know I value the nightly Triple-1 threats in fantasy basketball. Roby is another one. I wonder if he’ll return to Nebraska for his Senior year. If he doesn’t, his real-life draft stock could make him slip in your Dynasty drafts. That’s good news for you.

Quentin Grimes

SG at Kansas, 6’5, 210lbs.

Weaknesses: Rebounds, Blocks, FG%, maybe Steals / Strengths: Minutes, 3’s, Assists, Turnovers

Tough and versatile enough to be whatever his team needs him to be – a spot-up shooter or the primary playmaker. His stock has dropped a bit after some ugly, inefficient performances. For a knockdown shooter, he could improve his FT%. I expect him to. He can be one heck of a sniper.

Update: Grimes is holding on to that bottom spot by the skin of his teeth. His real-life early draft pedigree is helping him right now. He’ll need to really step it up to avoid dropping out completely in the next update.

Update #2: Grimes seems to have fallen flat on his face. The potential attached to his name alone might keep him in the 1st round, but I’m not touching him at this point. Leave him for someone else to draft.

KZ Okpala

F at Stanford, 6’8, 195lbs.

Weaknesses: maybe Assists, maybe Minutes / Strengths: Steals, Blocks, FG%, FT%, 3’s, maybe Points, maybe Rebounds

Another sort of jack of all trades, Okpala has worked his way onto the list, displaying a nice Triple-1 acumen, as well as stocking up numbers in almost every other category. If a decent IQ like Okpala’s finds the playing time, he could be an x-factor for your fantasy team. I don’t expect immediate production but he’s intelligent enough to catch on quickly in the NBA.

Sekou Doumbouya

SF/PF Internationally, 6’9, 210lbs.

Weaknesses: 3’s, maybe Assists / Strengths: Points, Rebounds, Steals, Blocks

Doumbouya just became 18 years old in December of 2018. He’s been playing professionally overseas for years already but may still be the biggest question mark of this entire draft. There are obvious worries regarding his shooting but Sekou’s wicked athleticism and defense alone should earn him minutes at the highest level. He may have one of the highest ceilings out of every 2019 prospect. Just know that if you draft him, you’ll be taking on the pinnacle of high-risk, high-reward options.

Moses Brown

at UCLA, 7’1, 245lbs.

Weaknesses: Assists, 3’s, FT% / Strengths: Points, Rebounds, Blocks, FG%

Brown is another provider of traditional big man stats, although he may be the highest upside play of all the similar skill sets on this list. Brown is only 19 years old and in his first year in college. He’s obviously young but he also stands over 7ft tall with a 7’5 wingspan. He knows how to use his length in the paint to gobble up rebounds and swat any shot attempts that get close enough. At this point, he may return to UCLA for a Sophomore run, but it wouldn’t be a shock to see him declare for the 2019 Draft.

Bruno Fernando

PF/C at Maryland, 6’10, 240lbs.

Weaknesses: Assists, 3’s / Strengths: Rebounds, Blocks, FG%

After considering declaring for the NBA Draft last Summer, he decided against it after finding out his stock wouldn’t have been where he wanted it. Fernando has worked his way onto our big fantasy list with some impressive, dominant displays lately. He won’t contribute much more than nice traditional big man stats to your fantasy team but he’s great at what he does. He also seems to not be a complete punt candidate in FT%, which is nice for a non-shooting big man.

Carsen Edwards

PG/SG at Purdue, 6’1, 190lbs.

Weaknesses: Rebounds, Blocks, maybe FG% / Strengths: Points, Assists, 3’s, FT%

After returning to Purdue for his Junior year, the slight Edwards has had a good season so far. Still the best player on a struggling Purdue team, Edwards could have a nice future as an NBA roleplayer-type backup Guard.

Grant Williams

F at Tennessee, 6’8, 235lbs.

Weaknesses: maybe 3’s / Strengths: Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, maybe FG%

Williams is an intriguing case of an under-the-radar-type, third-year player who has shown out enough to put his name in the 2019 Draft conversation. I’ve heard some comparisons to Draymond Green but I wasn’t sold until this season, where he’s really shown his development as a playmaker, putting up stats that very much mirror Golden State’s under-sized big fella’. If he continues down the route he’s on now, he could be a steal late in your Dynasty drafts.

Tre Jones

PG at Duke, 6’2, 180lbs.

Weaknesses: Rebounds, Blocks, maybe Points / Strengths: Assists, Steals

With a somewhat similar skill set to his brother, Tyus Jones, Tre will at least be good for a handful of Assists and a dash of Steals once he earns the playing time. His ceiling as of now may not be anything more than a backup PG but it’s difficult to fully determine his outlook while he plays for such a stacked Duke team with three teammates who are projected to be early-lottery selections.

Admiral Schofield

SG/SF at Tennessee, 6’5, 240lbs.

Weaknesses: Blocks / Strengths: Points, Rebounds, 3’s, maybe Assists

With a massive frame for his position, Schofield might be able to bully his way into some NBA minutes early on in his career, depending on where he lands. He’s a player who, with the right system and minutes, potentially won’t hurt you in any one category. As an elder, 4th-year player at Tennessee, he’s displayed the level of development in almost all aspects of his game to finally warrant 1st-round consideration according to multiple Mock Drafts.

Coby White

SG/PG at North Carolina, 6’5, 185lbs.

Weaknesses: Rebounds, Blocks, maybe Minutes / Strengths: Points, Assists, 3’s, FT%

White has been a huge surprise this season with the amount of production he’s given his team. If he can continue playing like this consistently, he’ll work his way up draft boards even further than he has already. He’s jumped from an undrafted, virtual no-name to an early-to-mid second round pick already in several real-life Mock Drafts and is still working to point his arrow upward.