Fantasy Unicorns Monthly Roundtable – November 2019 – Cornucopia Edition

The Unicorns gather around the Thanksgiving table and serve up their November fantasy basketball takes.


The injury bug is real! I got to know this firsthand as I went down with a back injury of my own this past week. The therapy has been hard but I'm feeling better now though I won't be able to touch that rock that we all love to talk about which is Basketball. This … Continue reading WAIVER WIRE WISDOM: WEEK 6

Top Streamers: Week 5

Will the injuries ever stop? Seems like every week there is another wave of 3-5 top 100 guys that go down. This week it was D'Angelo Russell (again), Gordon Hayward, Kevin Love, Derrick Favors, Malcolm Brogdon, and more. Just like I said last week, as much as it sucks to have a guy go down … Continue reading Top Streamers: Week 5


Week 3 in the NBA is almost over. Three days ago was about the two Collins, John and Zach, now some interesting news about Steph Curry unlikely to play again this season. A lot can happen in a short time in the NBA. Maybe that changes again after a week, but the Warriors stink and … Continue reading WAIVER WIRE WISDOM: WEEK 4


The NBA Free Agency Period this off-season was regarded as one of the most eventful and exciting in NBA history. The storylines were bordering soap opera levels, bridges were burned and Kawhi's front office genius was born. The NBA's first two weeks didn't disappoint either, injuries has claimed some of the NBA's elite (Steph, Trae … Continue reading WAIVER WIRE WISDOM WEEK 2

Fantasy Unicorns Monthly Roundtable – October 2019 – Spooky Edition

Dive deep with the Fantasy Unicorn writers as they give their hot takes for our October Fantasy Basketball round table.