Anthony Edwards: 2020 Draft Profile

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Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards
Position(s): PG, SG, SF
Height/Weight: 6-foot-5, 225 lb.
Age on Draft Day: 18.9 years


  • Drives to the basket are aggressive and have no wasted direction; Eurostep already polished to pro-readiness, can put the moves on smaller guards and enjoys bodying up with larger rim protectors – meaning he’ll also draw plenty of fouls
  • Has an attacking, slashing mentality even when assigned to sit on the low corner as a catch-and-shoot option; will flash down underneath to provide another option for the ball handler if off-ball
  • Shot mechanics are smooth and repeatable up top, and they do not rupture in the face of pressure or a closing out defender (just ask Michigan State)
  • In spite of size, quickness and overall speed are impressive, especially when going downhill or sweeping to set picks
  • Good court vision, keeps his eyes up and doesn’t get bogged down in the one-on-one game missing opportunities; strong potential as a playmaker in the pros
  • Shows a full arsenal of passes with power and touch


  • Attempts too many flashy reverse layups that slam the bottom of the backboard without drawing contact
  • Could stand to set his feet on mid-range jumpers more; too often he’s sprinting into them and then falling away mid-release, which could be a reason for his below-average FG%
  • Had moments late in the year where he’d lose focus and stop doing the dirty work (boxing out, closing out, calling out switches, dropping off to help with a man, etc.); will likely iron itself out once he gets to a level where talent matches his
  • Defensive effort was really low, especially late in the season; biggest issues were moving through picks and resetting on man, transition defense effort, and attentiveness to assignment when off-ball

Shooting: 4.1
Dribbling: 3.5
Passing: 3.4
Defense: 2.9
Rebounding: 3.3
Athletic Ability: 4.3
Game Play: 3.7
Overall: 3.80

(out of 5)

Summary: Anthony Edwards is an extremely physically gifted backcourt player who has the touch to be a lethal sharpshooter and the desire to be an inside-out playmaker. His best use will be as a slashing 1 (point guard) who can go over bigs for the layup or kick the ball back out to waiting perimeter players. He has the skillset to be a good shot taker on the outside, but teams would be wasting his mentality if they just had him stand around and didn’t allow his leadership by example to shine.

He may not ever provide a reliably average FG% or FT%, but he should be a strong source of points, steals, and 3-pointers, and has potential to blossom into providing above-average assists and rebounds from the guard spot. I wouldn’t count on blocks, but he has the physical tools to add value there. In addition to three-position versatility, Edwards is certainly a high-end dynasty option in the 2020 draft.