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Week 3 in the NBA is almost over. Three days ago was about the two Collins, John and Zach, now some interesting news about Steph Curry unlikely to play again this season. A lot can happen in a short time in the NBA. Maybe that changes again after a week, but the Warriors stink and in this ‘Era of Load Management’ I bet he really doesn’t play again this season. We also got news of Paul George coming back in a week or two. I hope Victor Oladipo comes back soon too.

Player values continue to change and we are not even in trade season yet in the NBA. Please also check out our weekly streaming articles by Rhett to help you stay afloat week after week. We now look forward to week 4 in this edition of Waiver Wire Wisdom. We’ll not talk about players already scooped up in Atlanta and Portland but those who are owned in less than 40% of Yahoo leagues. Please follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our Patreon page.

Heat Check

These players continue to ride the wires but with injuries and cold streaks bugging their teams, might be worthy of scooping up. They might get hot at any given night but might also run cold at any time, so manage your expectations.


Strengths: FG%, FT%, Boards, Steals

Availability: 61% of Yahoo Leagues

Kelly Olynyk has always been a favorite waiver add of mine. I get giddy excited whenever I see him hit my wires. He won’t really wow you with his production but he somehow gives you a little bit of everything. He has finally hit his stride after struggling with his role to start the season. In his last 3 games, Kelly has been averaging 8.7 points, 6.7 rebounds, 2.3 helpers, 1.7 steals and 0.7 blks with 1 turnover and 1.7 threes, shooting splits of 50% and 75% in just 20 minutes a game. His playing time might fluctuate depending on the match-ups but hey I will take that all-around production anytime for my end of the bench guy.


Strengths: FG%, Boards, Blocks

Availability: 68% of Yahoo Leagues

BIG ZU as what we Laker fans used to call him but now that he’s playing for that other L.A. team I will just call him Zu. He’s quietly turning in Top 100 value for the season in just 17 minutes per game. Zu is a big FG% booster averaging almost 68% in 5 attempts this season. He can give you a big double-double depending on the match-up but is also susceptible to a dud. He will have a 4-game week coming up so he can really help you if your needing a boost in those categories. 


Strengths: FT%, Points, Threes

Availability: 66% of Yahoo Leagues

Jordan Clarkson is a poor man’s Lou Williams. He can generate offense in so little amount of time (averaging 24mpg) but you cannot depend on him for other production other than scoring. He’s averaging 16 points per game with 2.3 threes, 3.3 helpers and 1.4 combined steals and blocks for the last two weeks. While also shooting 44% from the field and an excellent 93% from the line. Chances are he’s just sitting on your wire, so if you need a boost in scoring pick him up. He’ll have a 3 game week with 2 quality games coming up.


Strengths: FT%, Points, Threes, Steals

Availability: 68% of Yahoo Leagues

The player with the biggest and funniest flop in NCAA history is one of the hottest players right now. He’s averaging a flaming hot 18.6 points per game over his last five games. Of course he can fall off and revert back to the mean at any time but if you are looking for the hottest FA around he’s one the one for you. You cannot just let 21.3 points, 5 boards, a steal and 2.3 threes in the last week sit on the wire do you? He’s also has 3 quality games for next week’s 4 gamer.


Strengths: Points, Boards, Assists, Steals

Availability: 84% of Yahoo Leagues

Bruce Brown Jr. has been filling in for the oft-injured pointguards of the Pistons R-Jax and D-Rose. Quite honestly he’s doing fairly good job. Since taking over pointguard duties, he’s been averaging 11.8 points, 4.3 boards, 5 helpers, 1.3 steals and 1.0 blocks with only 1.8 TOs. The only downside of course is his poor shooting from the field at a shade under 40%. Piston pgs are not of the durable kind so I can see the ‘Baby Shark’ Bruce Brown continue this kind of production all year long whenever he plays the point.


Strengths: FT%, Boards, Steals

Availability: 79% of Yahoo Leagues

We featured TBJ in last week’s edition of WWW having only owned in 6% of leagues. He has risen in ownership this week having wrested the starting small forward gig from Isaac Bonga. He’s still gonna be interchanging good and bad games as he gets his legs back. But on this bad Wizards team, I think he’ll flourish. He’s modestly averaging 8.3 points, 5.7 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals 0.7 TOs. He snuck in a double double on his 3rd game back from injury so it’s nice to know that he has that ability in his bag.

Stash Town

Opportunities opened up for some of our rookie prospects. They may not have opportunities consistently but we now know what they can do if given a chance to play some significant minutes.

Jarrett Culver – (13% owned) Minnesota Timberwolves

Like the Detroit Pistons, the Timberwolves have oft-injured pointguards on their roster. And like Bruce Brown Jr, Culver has the task of playmaking duties when the pgs are out. He didn’t disappoint in his start at pg, posting giddy numbers of 15 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 threes with no turnovers. Though he didn’t shoot well, which is expected of rookies, the prospect of having point Culver at some point in the season can only bode well for your team come playoff time.

Goga Bitadze – (10% owned) Indiana Pacers

Goga was excellent in his fill-in start at center for the Pacers sans Sabonis and Turner. He posted averages of 9.5 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 monstrous blocks with a three last week. Sabonis already came back and Turner might play on the next. But given how Goga played when both guys were out I think he’ll have a nice role off the bench moving forward.

Bruno Fernando – (2% owned) Atlanta Hawks

Bruno has shown some glimpse of what he can do if given the opportunity (10pts, 6rebs, 2 asts, 1 stl in 21 mins.). That opportunity might come sooner than we think. Alex Len has been atrocious for the Hawks this year and I think Bruno will take on the starting spot at the end of this year. He’s a good shot-blocker with a touch from the outside. If you can spare a roster spot on your team, he’s a stash worth keeping.

Anfernee Simons – (4% owned) Portland Trailblazers

Simons is technically not a rookie but having seen so little playing time last year, no one remembers his name. That might change soon enough as Simons is strating to heat up. He has scored in double figures in 5 of his 8 games so far. He’s churning 14.7 points, 1.7 boards, 1.7 assists, 0.7 steals and 2.3 threes shooting 48% from the field and 82% from the line in the last week. His role will only get bigger in my opinion as we saw him play alongside CJM and Dame in crunch time in their last game. The Blazers love him and you will too. Get a share now before he blows up real quick.

Hamidou Diallo – (4% owned) Oklahoma City Thunder

Hamidou has been playing quality minutes in his last 4 games so far. He’s also not a rookie but I feel he needs to be a staple in rosters soon. In those 4 games he’s been averaging 25 mpg 9.7 points 4.3 rebounds 1.3 assists and an exciting 1.7 steals and 1.0 block. He’s been much improved and if you really need a boost in steals I feel that he can really help you out. He has a steal in 7 of his 8 games so far and his steals prowess will only grow.