Top Fantasy Basketball Streamers: Week 3

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Back again with another week of streaming candidates for Week 3 of the NBA season. Remember that streaming is about maximizing the number of games played by players who can help you win closely contested categories. For those of you that didn’t see last weeks article, my streaming strategy is as follows:

  • Start picking up streamers on the Sunday before your matchup (depending on how the previous matchup is going) to conserve acquisitions for the week ahead.
  • Pick up the top Monday-Saturday streamers to maximize games played by “weekly” streamers while also affording you roster flexibility for additional moves on Sunday, depending on what categories are close. Or, if your matchup is already decided, you can proactively acquire players for the following week, both conserving roster moves and giving you first dibs on streamers.
  • Pick up streamers with back-to-back sets during the week to maximize games played and to minimize your roster acquisitions.
  • Follow injury news closely throughout the week and stream players who get unexpected opportunities. Injuries and rotation changes can significantly alter the streaming landscape.
  • Consider a consolidation trade if your streamers get too good to drop and inhibit your streaming. Sometimes you’ll be too deep to roster every serviceable player and will have to cut bait. It happens. But when you can, attempt to get some value back by trading more players for fewer players, so long as you’re clearly getting the best player(s) in return.
  • Stash quality injured players if you have an IR spot. Injuries make fantasy managers nervous, often leading them to drop players they shouldn’t. If you have the small luxury of an IR spot, stash any player who could become fantasy-relevant at some point this season.

Before we get into the lists, it is important to put some context to what it takes to make this list and why it’s sorted the way it is:

  • These rankings are based on 9-category formats & all players are available in 50% or more of Yahoo! leagues.
  • “Q. Games” stands for quality games. That means games played on a day with a light NBA schedule, typically 5 games or less. This can be a huge advantage by gaining those extra games on nights when you don’t have a full roster, so it is given the highest precedence for who to stream.
  • Follow injury news closely throughout the week and stream players who get unexpected opportunities. Injuries and rotation changes can significantly alter the streaming landscape. Nerlens Noel is probably my top streamer for the week (depending on need) if Steven Adams continues to be out with a knee issue. Eric Paschall is another good option, though he could be more of a long term option with the Warriors entire team dropping like flies.

Top 20 Streamers:

RankNameTeamPosGamesQ. GamesY! Own
1Nerlens NoelOKCPF/C4220%
2Bryn ForbesSASPG/SG3226%
3Patty MillsSASPG324%
4Rodney HoodPORSG/SF4121%
5Eric PaschallGSWPF4126%
6Daniel HouseHOUSG/SF31 28%
7Aron BaynesPHOC3146%
8Dario SaricPHOPF/C3148%
9Maxi KleberDALPF3138%
10Meyers LeonardMIAPF/C314%
11Ivica ZubacLACC2131%
12George HillMILPG/SG4015%
13Justin HolidayINDSG/SF403%
14Marcus MorrisNYKSF/PF3043%
15Luke KennardDETSG3042%
16Jordan ClarksonCLEPG/SG3019%
17Elfrid PaytonNYKPG3017%
18Bobby PortisNYKPF/C3044%
19Garrett TempleBKNSG/SF301%
20Cedi OsmanCLESF/PF3026%

Top 20 Mon-Sat streamers:

This distinction is important because Sunday can be a day specifically for one stat, or for you to gear up for next week. By removing Sunday from consideration, it allows you to really see who has the most value through the week while also giving you some more flexibility for those last ditch efforts.

RankNameTeamPosGamesQ. GamesY! Own
1Bryn ForbesSASPG/SG3226%
2Patty MillsSASPG324%
3Nerlens NoelOKCPF/C3220%
4Eric PaschallGSWPF4126%
5Daniel HouseHOUSG/SF31 28%
6Rodney HoodPORSG/SF3121%
7Maxi KleberDALPF3138%
8Meyers LeonardMIAPF/C314%
9Aron BaynesPHOC2146%
10Dario SaricPHOPF/C2148%
11Ivica ZubacLACC2131%
12Luke KennardDETSG3042%
13George HillMILPG/SG3015%
14Justin HolidayINDSG/SF303%
15Marcus MorrisNYKSF/PF2043%
16Jordan ClarksonCLEPG/SG2019%
17Elfrid PaytonNYKPG2017%
18Bobby PortisNYKPF/C2044%
19Garrett TempleBKNSG/SF201%
20Cedi OsmanCLESF/PF2026%