1st & 2nd Round Pairings to Win Your Fantasy League

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Your first and second-round picks are the most important picks in fantasy basketball. The league is top-heavy yes, though who you pick with your first two picks will determine the build of your team and what category to punt. Here are five options you have in case you get lucky to get a high pick to start your draft.

*Note: Standard 12-team, 9-category build is used in this article.

Anthony Davis & Kemba Walker

Anthony Davis is the ultimate package in fantasy basketball. The seven-footer is now in a new team and will be motivated to win games together with LeBron James. He will give you numbers across the 9-categories though you will need to be wary of his health.

This is where Kemba Walker comes in. Not only will his aide your 3-points and assists, but you can also count on him to play a majority of the regular season games. He has only missed four games in the past four years. With both players on new teams this year, you have a frontcourt-backcourt pairing who will produce stats for their new teams and also for your fantasy team.

Stephen Curry & Rudy Gobert

Stephen Curry is the frontrunner for MVP in both fantasy and real life. The 2016 NBA MVP will look to pour on the numbers with Kevin Durant going to the Brooklyn Nets and Klay Thompson out until the All-Star break. Curry will give you a nice edge in the FT%,PTS,3PTM,AST, and STL categories.

Rudy Gobert is a great complement to Curry as he brings in the FG%, REB, BLK, and low turnover numbers. If you are lucky to draft both, this is a great combo that has you good for the third round without punting any category yet. Their kind playoff schedule will also please owners who grab both.

Karl Anthony-Towns & Jrue Holiday

Both Karl Anthony-Towns and Jrue Holiday are on teams who might not make the playoffs. This means they are also capable of bringing high usage every single night baring any load management or injuries. Karl Anthony-Towns has played every game in his career except five games at the end of last season. Jrue Holiday will have a great young core of potential stars surrounding him in New Orleans.

Both are great assets in fantasy last season; finishing in the top 20 last season. The two are efficient players and they complement each other well as both players tackle all nine categories. If things go well, this is an underrated pairing which you can build your team around starting off without punting.

Nikola Jokic & Nikola Vucevic

The Nikola Jokic and Nikola Vucevic pairing are an unorthodox one. Both are bigs with different skill sets. Both, however, check different boxes. Jokic usually plays the point center position for the Denver Nuggets and Vucevic being the leading scorer for the Orlando Magic.

You may secure your top two bigs with this tandem right here. Quality bigs go dry once the fourth round rolls on so you can capitalize on your gains especially on guard-heavy matchups. Both produce quality numbers in all nine categories together. Expect great output for these two superstar centers as they will look to push for better performances in the playoffs this season. They will fight for seeding until the last game so you may be confident load management will not be an issue.

Giannis Antentokounmpo & Bradley Beal

The reigning MVP dominates all the categories a forward and a center posses. What he is missing, however, is a complementary piece at the guard spot to take you to glory. Bradley Beal gives you that with great PTS,FT%,3PTM, and optimal TO rate. Both are the first option in their teams so you can expect great results throughout the year.

The only concern for the two, however, is their consistency with both capable of having “hiccup games” every now and then. Beal is possibly a trade piece for the Washington Wizards this season though is produces great value for a second-round pick this season. They check all nine categories together and with the right bigs and point guards, you are sure to be in a good position in your fantasy league this year.