Fantasy Basketball Kombat Chapter 5 (V) Limited Edition

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Big Penguin & Stifle Tower Vs Shaq

Fantasy Basketball Kombat Chapter V

Fantasy Basketball Kombat Purpose

Player comparisons are always a great exercise in the fantasy basketball realm. We take this one step further and present our newest comparison feature: Fantasy Basketball Kombat, where we compare current players with stars of the past. We’ll examine a variety of components to help determine which player would be best for your fantasy team. Expect New Fantasy Basketball Kombat Matches once or twice a month.

Kombat Rules

2 NBA Players (One Current and One Retired) will go head-to-head in Fantasy Kombat. Statistically, we’ll review their career average stats. We’ll also take their best statistical average across their career to show their maximum potential for each category (e.g. Player A averaged a career-high 20 points in 2015-16, career-high 9 rebounds in 2014-15, and career high 4 assists in 2012-13.)

Outside of statistics, this feature will also take a closer look at intangibles, career achievements, fun factor, and other components to help determine which player is victorious in Fantasy Basketball Kombat and better for your fantasy squad.

This week will be a handicap match 2 vs 1 due to the physical dominance of this Legend. Find the cheat code to see who will feature on next fantasy kombat match. Thanks for reading my content. Until than, Read Top 50 Fantasy Greatest Players of all time.

Drummond Career Average And Best Category Season


Gobert Career Average And Best Category Season


Shaq Career Average And Best Category Season


Fantasy Kombat Signatures

Andre DrummondRudy GobertVSShaq
6’11 279lb7’1 245lbHeight & Weight7’1 325lb
4 CAT4 CATCategory Power4 CAT
BoardsRim ProtectorStrengthPowerful
Free Throw%Free Throw%WeaknessFree Throw%
Embiid DraymondBeef
Kids Meal FroLow cutHairBald
D-12Deandre JordanPlayer CompHimself
“You can talk if you want, doesn’t mean you mean it”“You don’t learn to win by losing on purpose”
“The best quality about Kobe Bryant ? I don’t know”
Dated Jennette McCurdyAll Star SnubKnown forPersona
Jordan Jumpman HustleNike Anime One Piece
Shoe Wear
Shaq payless


Behind the Scenes

We like to go behind the scenes with NBA players or at least get to know them in a personal way. A man that plays Fortnite gives the impression that he might just be a cool guy to be around. Furthermore, having your own YouTube channel also helps the case. Most noteworthy, Drummond tends to interact with his fans through different social media avenues and will do question forums from time to time. Lastly, he has made contributions to charities. Not bad for a guy that enjoys doing other things outside of the basketball realm.

Fantasy Basketball Dynasty outlook
  • Andre Drummond is a punt FT% specialist that brings high rebound rate and can give you a 20/20 vision game on any given night. First of all, his rebounds come at a high rate because of his brute force and High IQ on grabbing boards. For that reason, his quickness around the basket is unique to a point where it seems effortless to score off second-chance baskets.
  • He could certainly improve in FG%, given that it has been a little lower than what we’re accustomed to from big men. This may be because his strength has been more focused on grabbing rebounds and making sure his team gets second chance opportunities. While that may seem unfortunate, Drummond at least gives you strong out of position steals for a big man.
  • Drummond has improved at the free-throw line, which is something that has been overlooked. Maybe because I’ve never drafted him in any of my leagues throughout the years, but he is still detrimental to a team’s free-throw category. Although, he’s not shooting 35-40% that some are accustomed to in a punt build team. Unfortunately, GM’s are still punting free throws, but at least you see improvements in the last few years. Hopefully, some time in his career, he can reach high 60s/low 70s FT%.
Fantasy Basketball Dynasty Closing
  • In contrast, Drummond shot 70% at the free-throw line in the last two weeks. Now, this may not be sustainable, but this happened along with a high volume of 6 shot attempts over the last 2 weeks. Impressive, but at the same time, we need more games to really consider this a real trend for Fantasy Basketball Dynasty GM’s. 
  • Lastly, Andre was averaging 3 assists last year, which many of us may have forgotten. While that trend is down this year, that comes on the heels of Blake Griffin facilitating offensive responsibilities. So, if Griffin was to get hurt or moved to a different team sometime, then you can consider Dre to bump his assists back up and continue to improve his fantasy game.

Gobert –

Behind the scenes

Rudy Gobert made headlines in the international scene during his recent stint at the FIBA World Cup. His success in the competition led the Nuggets to draft the former Cholet product 27th overall during the 2013 draft. He never got to play for Denver as he was traded to Utah that same night.

The Stifle Tower proved his dominance on the defensive end by bagging his 1st Defensive of Player of The Year award despite missing 26 games last season. It was a frustrating 2017-18 campaign for most Fantasy Basketball GM’s who invested a top-15 pick into him last season. Although, with a lower preseason ranking this year, he seems poised to reclaim that early round value in his 6th season in the NBA.

” Pat “
He’s been hot lately with averages of 16.4 points, 14.3 rebounds, 2.8 assists, 2.8 blocks and 1.1 steals over his last 14 games.

Fantasy Basketball Dynasty outlook
  • Rudy Gobert is one of the top rim protectors in this league. In translation to fantasy basketball, he provides you with the strong block stats that some Fantasy GM’s lack in. It seems like not many people take blocks seriously the way they should in today’s fantasy basketball realm. That’s probably because it’s a hard category to achieve along with other solid stats to back up the player.
  • Almost all players that have a high block rate have to sacrifice some of their offensive game to defense, but this year Gobert is starting to score more and still play solid defense. When given the opportunity to score, he keeps his Turnovers down vs. a lot of other bigs in the league today. Most of his baskets are near the rim, but that’s ok because that helps to boost up his FG%. Most noteworthy, he’s a passionate guy and is looking to improve his game with his very long wingspan.


NBA Player Dominant Center Tier of his own

Diesel, sitting at 7’1 and weighing in at 324 pounds, with the way he moved around the basket, he couldn’t be stopped. If you haven’t checked the YouTube highlights, please do because words won’t be able to explain how much of a dominant force he was. First of all, his physicality was light years ahead of his generation, past generations, and a lot of current generational players today for a big man. Therefore, his talent, which he heavily leaned on, bullied players that tried to defend him.

Another attribute, Shaq had been like the Mike Tyson Punchout effect because every time he pivoted to the basket to dunk, he would not only bend basket, but his opponents that were in the way would be embarrassed. Likewise, he put the fear in any team that attempted to rival him. Maybe this is the reason why he called himself Superman, but did he have kryptonite?

Only If Shaq’s heart was Similar to Kobe

Although his 19-Year-old NBA Career isn’t on par with the Goat Michael Jordan, it could have been. Seems like the Diesel had other desires while playing Professional ball. Maybe his humor, celebrity status, and bad conditioning habits differentiated him from reaching his Ceiling. Kobe made sure he knew about his condition habits and helped push Shaq to be more than just a talent to earn titles with in LA. Almost every time Shaq considered himself the leader on the Lakers, Kobe thought differently, which only fueled both players to greatness. While that helped earn championships, O’Neal still lacked areas where he could have improved in his career to be maybe the best player of all time in NBA.

Fantasy Basketball past Dynasty Outlook
  • Shaq was one of the first, original punt specialists for fantasy basketball. He was unable to crack the top 50 greatest fantasy players of all time due to FT% hurting his value. Add punting FT% into the equation and it would have been nice to see where he would have fallen in on the rankings. I’m going to discuss what made Shaq a stand out player for fantasy purposes. Shaq, Rookie at the age of 20 in 1992-1993, averaged 23.4 points, 13.9 Rebounds, and 3.5 Blocks per game as a member of the Orlando Magic.
  • Although his blocks fluctuated up and down each year, Shaq was still a force when it came to defense. Maybe his scoring dominance in the paint showed he didn’t want to focus on blocks as much. In conclusion, Shaq’s career stats above puts a depiction on what type of player he was and if he only took his career more seriously, he could have easily had better averages than what’s shown above.
Limited Edition Content NBA Jam 1993 & Shaq Fu 1994
  • First of all, Shaq was so good that NBA Jam 1993 would only have him on the Arcade version. This may have been because they wanted to draw the audience to the Arcade at the time and still have consumers purchase the game through Super Nintendo and Sega at the time.
  • Another reason is that Shaq, like Jordan, wanted his name not secured through Midway. In contrast, Shaq considered himself a tier of his own, similarly to MJ, to boost his stand-alone brand. For that reason, O’Neal took his brand and teamed up with Electronic arts and Delphine Software International to create Shaq Fu 1994 (fighting game).
  • Due to the love that he had for Mortal Kombat he wanted to aim in that direction vs. doing a basketball video game that he had planned originally. Above all, Gamers of that generation wished they were able to put NBA Jam in their console and use Shaq. In conclusion most sought out cheat codes to unlock Shaq and nothing was found at the time.

Fantasy Basketball Kombat Jam Attributes

Fantasy Basketball Kombat Jam AttributesAndreRudyShaq
3 Pointer210
2 point7810

Winner : Shaq

Typically, Kombat matches are 1 vs 1 but we decided to go a little bit different here to make it a handicap 2 vs 1 match due to the dominance of Shaq. This may be because his allure warranted it. Another reason was to make sure we unlock one of the greatest bigs that many of us GM’s may have taken for granted.

Gobert & Drummond worked together to slay the living Legend with all they had but it wasn’t good enough. First of all, they both haven’t hit they’re prime in NBA years yet. Even so, what Shaq did earlier in his career still indicated he was the better player than both. Hence, talent alone was far more superior with Shaq even though he relied mostly on his talent.

Although at times Shaq wasn’t in the best of shape, no opponent wanted to try to test him close to the basket. While that may be the case, Gobert would have played above average Defense, but Shaq Daddy’s physicality was too much. Drummond wouldn’t have been able to defend Shaq, but he would have had some good offensive games on Superman. In conclusion, Shaq was too dominant for these fantasy basketball stars. ” Barbecue Chicken Alert “

Fantasy Basketball Kombat Table of Contents

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  2. LeBron Vs Kobe Chapter II
  3. Simmons Vs Pippen Chapter III
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Limited Edition Comic Book Kombat Krum Issue #5

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