Fantasy Basketball Dynasty 2019 Appreciation Josh Jackson

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Fantasy Basketball Dynasty 2019

Dynasty Driven Bust or Recovery

Funny how Fantasy Basketball 2019 Dynasty appreciation works sometimes, isn’t it? We often murmur and complain about certain players we hoped to see perform at a high level. Then, there are players we always want to do well but they never become that Fantasy Basketball Dynasty-drafted player we hoped for. However, those players that we all complained about become relevant as time progresses after we gave up on them. In conclusion, let’s stop beating around the bush and talk about Josh Jackson, who most likely will be buried out by trade deadline today.

Dynasty & Redraft Recap

First of all Josh Jackson has put up three strong games under the radar, including last night’s game where he had a line of 9/16 FG 27 points 8/10 FT 1 3PT 4 Reb 7 Ast 5 Stls. Secondly, he has been a Top 27 player within that time frame. Although that’s a small sample size, it can’t be ignored. In contrast, he hasn’t been consistent in his career so far, but keep in mind he’s still young and will be 22 Years old February 10th. Lastly, he has been going to the Free throw line more often which shows the coach trusts him with his aggressiveness and confidence.

How long will this last?

Chances are low per what most coaches expect, but I’ll give it a 15% in Dynasty 30% in redraft ROS. Secondly, as a GM with an unorthodox approach, if you’re able to grab Josh Jackson in a deeper league, I recommend taking a flyer because the Phoenix Suns are a wasteland and younger guys need to be on the floor getting minutes. Although TJ Warren hasn’t been playing, I’d like to have Josh Jackson to see where this goes if you’re ok with dealing with bad percentages.