Fantasy Basketball Dynasty Kombat Chapter 4 (IV)

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Day-Day VS The Worm

Kombat Krazy Chapter IV

Fanatasy Kombat Purpose

Player comparisons are always a great exercise in the fantasy basketball realm. We take this one step further and present our newest comparison feature: Fantasy Kombat, where we compare current players with stars of the past. We’ll examine a variety of components to help determine which player would be best for your fantasy team. Expect New Fantasy Kombat Matches every Wednesday.

Kombat Rules

2 NBA Players (One Current and One Retired) will go head-to-head in Fantasy Kombat. Statistically, we’ll review their career average stats. We’ll also take their best statistical average across their career to show their maximum potential for each category (e.g. Player A averaged a career-high 20 points in 2015-16, career-high 9 rebounds in 2014-15, and career high 4 assists in 2012-13.)

Outside of statistics, this feature will also take a closer look at intangibles, career achievements, fun factor, and other components to help determine which player is victorious in Fantasy Basketball Kombat and better for your fantasy squad.

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Draymond Present Career Average And Best Category Season
Dennis Rodman Career Average And Best Category Season

Fantasy Kombat Signatures

Draymond GreenvsDennis Rodman
6’7 230 PoundsHeight & Weight6’7 220 Pounds
5 CatCategory Power2 Cat
DrayAnother NicknameRodzilla
On Court Altercation with Kevin DurantMomentJoined nWo in 97 with Hogan
9Crazy Level10
Cosby Cut
HaricutAny color & Dye design cut
Blowing a 3-1 LeadKnown forToo many things
“We don’t need you. We won without you. Leave.”Quote“I want to do rebounds what Michael Jordan did to dunks”
N/A Hyper dunks 2014Shoe DebutNike air Wayup 1995

Draymond Green-

Day-Day wasn’t expected to get a lot of playing time in his career in Golden state. Due to the injury of David Lee 2014-2015 season Dray held on to the starting job and never looked back. Maybe, because he could do more than grab rebounds and score occasionally. Or maybe his defensive vigor and strong presence on the court made him the player he is today. While, not many seen him coming out as a starter, he also became an all star. Not bad for a player being drafted in the 2nd round 35th overall.

Fantasy Basketball Dynasty Outlook
  • Draymond has Very underrated Fantasy game. First of all he doesn’t need to score a lot of points for the type of player he is.  He Provides stocks that GM’s ask for. Although, it hasn’t been what we’re accustom to this year hovering around top 50, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been useful still. While, his value has dipped this year, Draymond has provided out of position stats playing at PF/C. Let’s take a look at the promising categories that help anchor your fantasy team. As a result of his defense and above average offense he’s able to insert counting stats across the board. Hence, a triple one threat player that contributes in 3’s, Steals, and blocks. Rather than him just getting stocks, he is also providing strong value in the assists category. Due to the Defensive stat categories and good assist rate Day-Day has been a top 21 player the past 4 years.

Dennis Rodman –

Dennis Rodman was polarized in a lot of different lights to the public and in NBA. He definitely made sure his impact was known on the court in unique ways. Maybe, because Rodman wanted to prove that his particular skill set was needed.  First of all, he played Power Forward but that didn’t stop him defending against almost all positions on the court. Grit Game was unparalleled to most and would get in his opponents heads through unorthodox game play. Almost every time he would do that, it would alter and disrupt an opponent he was facing. NBA game has changed today, but he was not afraid to give you a strong foul coming into the paint. Pure aggression, emotion, and passion are what drove him to be who he was.

Fantasy Past Dynasty outlook
  • The biggest strength Worm carries was his rebounding skills. Career high rebound rate of 18.7 as a bad boy in Detroit’s 91-92 season. First of all, he made it personal going after Offensive and Defensive rebounds. Almost every shot that came off the rim RodZilla had timing down to a science when grabbing boards. While, that may seem like his only trick card in his arsenal lets dig a little deeper into what he brought to the table. His presence and physicality was lethal enough to annoy his opponents. Due to having the lack of skills on offense Rodman maximized his strength in drawing fouls and getting into several altercations. Lastly he had a high career FG% rate.

Winner : Draymond Green

Rodman was never a scorer himself. If this match was based off of who you would rather have in a street fight or most charismatic player, Rodman would be the guy here. Lastly Dennis Rodman loved the game his own way and him and Draymond would of had a lot of banter going back and fourth with some fights along the way.

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Comic Book Kombat Krazy Issue #4

Kombat Choice CamdenHughes  (Artwork Done by Pat)

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