Waiver Wire Wisdom: Week 15

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Fantasy Basketball Waivers can be a personal thing. The choices and strategies you make can vary greatly from one team to the next and one league from the next. These strategies are fluid and can obviously change as the season progresses.

Maybe your team needs to take a swing for the fences to push into the playoff race. Or maybe your team is on top and you have some wiggle room to take some gambles. You could be firmly in the mix and you need to a boost in 1 or 2 categories. You could have room in your dynasty squad and are looking to add an upside rookie that will pay off down the road. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Here we’ll offer up some different waiver options to consider based on some of these varying criteria. All of the players here are available in over half of Yahoo leagues.

Keep in mind that these waivers are considered potentially more long-term fixtures on your team, as opposed to the disposable streamers that heavily factor in games played to help you win your matchup for that week.

Boring Old Guys

These are the guys that make you yawn as you’re adding them to your team. They may be coming off of the bench but have cemented some sort of consistent role on their respective team. They won’t add much fun factor, but their sneaky production can make a difference.


Strengths: Boards, FG%

Availability: 62%

Now hear me out. I get that this is kind of an unconventional guy to lead with, but he more or less fits the description. In previous seasons, he has proven to be productive when given minutes. With the uncertainty in Memphis and Gasol dealing with some injuries, Green could find himself in a similar situation. Gasol is also a potential trade candidate. Even with the Grizz not tanking or blowing it up, he has played very well recently and warrants a pickup. Over the last week, he’s been averaging a triple one and is inside the top 90 over that period.

Also Consider

Robin Lopez (99% Availability) – Thursday’s 17 and 6 with a block came out of nowhere, but the Bulls are most likely looking to up his trade value. If he is moved, he could probably find a more consistent role on a better-coached team. He’s capable of 10 and 6 plus a block and solid percentages.

Omri Casspi (99% Availability) – Like, the guy mentioned above, he came out of nowhere to post a nice 17 and 6 line, plus a 3. With Slo-Mo out of action for at least the next few weeks, Casspi could be a sneaky pickup.

Youth Movement

Make way for the young guys. These players will be a lot more fun to roster, but can bring some more ups and downs. If you can stomach the ride, the potential upside is a solid way to go.


Strengths: 3’s, blocks

Availability: 96%

At this point, most people have heard about Spellman’s weight issues, which for a rookie, can be a little concerning when you consider their long term potential. Still, Marc Gasol came into the league as a chubby 7 footer and corrected that. With the Hawks obviously moving towards youth, Dedmon should find himself traded before the deadline. This would open things up for this stretch big that has shown some serious flashes in limited time.

Also Consider

Jalen Brunson (98% Availability) – The rookie has appointed himself well when called to action. With DSJ banged up and being hotly discussed in trades, Brunson could work his way into standard league relevance soon. It’s worth noting that after Barea went down, the Mavs didn’t pickup another guard.

Jonah Bolden (100% Availability) – Bolden has picked up his play recently, backing up Embiid. He’s got some of that modern skillset that works in the current NBA and could help deep leagues, even in a backup role.

End of Roster Filler

Admittedly, many of the players that fit in this category could do double duty in the Streamers article, as they tend to be the guys you move in and out of the ned of your bench. Weekly schedule aside, these players could hold solid low-end value, or even sneak into more relevance.They could also crash and burn. Take swings with these guys, depending on your needs, maybe you’ll get lucky, and if not, you can easily move on.


Strengths: Points, 3’s

Availability: 56%

I definitely don’t trust it, but Jabari has temporarily found his way back into the rotation and has been putting up usable stats in limited minutes. This has the looks of inflating trade value, but when he’s on the court, he can put up usable fantasy stats. Don’t let his real-life NBA weaknesses keep you from adding him while he’s producing.

Also Consider:

Alex Len (84% Availability) – Len has had his ups and downs this season, but he can put up numbers quickly. He just went off for 24/11/3, a 3-pointer, and 3 combined stocks. That’s a great line. Like Spellman, he’s waiting for Dedmon to move on, and then he could be more than end of the roster filler.

Sterling Brown (100% Availability) – Shannon’s younger brother has always shown potential, and it was surprising to see him not start the season in the rotation. He’s been coming on lately with 5 of his last 7 games in double digits. If you need some scoring and 3’s at the end of your bench, he could be worth a pickup.


These players will be your rookies, 2nd year players, and even G-League standouts that may not have right being on your redraft squad, but depending on the depth of your dynasty league, you may want to go pickup. Some will obviously take longer, but I’m hedgeing my best on these guys being productive at some point over the next few seasons.


Strengths: Boards, Points

Availability: 98%

Hutchison is still figuring things out, but as a 4 year senior, he should be able to adapt quicker than most. He has been pushed into action for the young Bulls and has the makings of a nice 3 and D wing. Over the last week, he’s knocking on the door of the top 100. Concerning Parker from earlier, Hutchison helps provide more real life help to the Bulls and will eventually find his opportunity.

Also Consider

Zhaire Smith (100% Availability) – Smith is an athletic freak, but was sidelines with a foot injury. His offensive game is still very raw, but the potential is worth a stash in dynasty leagues.

Zhou Qi (100% Availability) – Now this is a super deep league stash in dynasty, but I like talking about back to back guys that start their name with “Zh”. Qi could stand to gain some muscle, but along with Hartenstein, represent some of the youth pipeline that Houston will have to start incorporating in the next few seasons. He could be a nice 3’s and blocks player.