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In collaboration with FantasyPros, some of the writers here at Fantasy Unicorns will be contributing our Rest of the Season (ROS) Fantasy Basketball rankings for users to leverage. They will be combined with other industry experts to form the Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR).

Check out BasketBlogBoy’s rankings here.

Take a peek at Kevin So’s rankings here.

We also have Jay’s version right here.

Note: I’ll update my rankings as needed. Apart from the usual stats available, I applied my “Jedi instincts” or shall we say the “Mamba’s touch” in my rankings. These are valuations that go beyond the box score. I look at trends and opportunities. It’s also the reason why you may find deviations from my rankings compared to others.

Check out my rest-of-season Fantasy Basketball rankings for Redraft leagues below. Feel free to comment and let us know what you think.

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