DFS Corner – December 15, 2018

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A quick look at today’s slate:


Initial Thoughts:

I love 7-8 game slates.  I also love Saturday’s with an empty house, with 2 kids and a wife that doesn’t happen too often.  I decided with the silence around here I would take that time to dive into this NBA DFS slate and share my thoughts.

PS – I realized after I wrote this up that UTA/ORL is an early game…good thing I just scratched that one off the list prior to making my picks!


It won’t always be possible to fit all my targets into a lineup, but these will be the guys that I look to build around today.

PGPlayerFanDuel $
Russell Westbrook11200 
I just like a 11k Russ.  I can’t seem to quit him even though he hasn’t put it together for me when I play him.  There are a few other PG plays I like tonight, but I think I will try to get Russ as my expensive stud for this slate.
Kris Dunn5500 
Lavine has already been ruled out.  Dunn is severely underpriced but is coming back off injury.  I think the better play is to play his teammate Arci at 3600 but if I’m attacking gpps or playing mutli-lineups I want to get some Dunn exposure.
SGJeremy Lamb6100 
Lamb is up and done but you can’t argue with the minutes and the opportunity tonight.  The Lakers are dead last in fantasy points given up to the SG position.  Lamb is priced at a spot where 5X seems like his floor tonight.
Justin Holiday5600 
A bit of a risky play but with Lavine out I feel like Holiday will be jacking up a few more shorts than normal.  I think his minutes will be a bit blowout dependent but if I’m thinking about not playing a Bulls PG then I want to slide Holiday in my lineup.
SFTJ Warren6500 
B2B 30+ Fpt games and draws an elite SF matchup with the Timberwolves, not to forget that Ariza is now gone and I don’t see Oubre & Rivers being available to play tonight.
Nicolas Batum4800 
I will warn you, every time I recommend Batum he puts up like 9 Fpts.  He’s been super frustrating this year, (I own him in season long and dynasty) but he’s just too cheap for his upside in this matchup tonight.
PFLauri Markkanen6400 
I have no idea why I love the Bulls so much tonight…..Without Lavine, Markkanen should see a a USG bump tonight (he’s only played 10 mins without Lavine so far this season so the data isn’t useful).
LaMarcus Aldridge8500 
This is a possible POP spot so please be careful with rostering Spurs tonight.  With that said I think most players will try to avoid being Pop’d and we might be able to sneak in LMA at low ownership with 50+ fpt upside.
I really love 2 different Centers tonight.  KAT is the expensive play and has the best matchup.  Suns give up 63.3 fpts/game to the Center position.  KAT’s in a good spot tonight.  I think he will be chalky though.

Honorable Mentions

Kemba Walker9900 
Kemba is priced up to his highest price point this season and maybe even ever.  This should keep people off him.  I think a Kemba/Lebron stack is a nice Gpp option tonight.
SGDeMar DeRozan9300 
Great spot, I’m just off him due to blow out potential.  Even if Pop doesn’t rest him he could do his famous mid-game rest.  Pop’s been decent for most of this season but one of these days he’s going to get us.
SFLebron James11500 
I personally want Westbrook > Lebron tonight but if you want to pay down at PG and up at SF I’m fine with that.  I also think if you play Kemba you should play Lebron.
PFDario Saric4600 
Back to back 30+ minute games.  Still priced at a 20 min/game player. He’s playing the Suns!
CSteven Adams6900 
Adams is relatively cheap tonight, he has 45 fpt upside and has already eclipsed 40+ vs the Clippers twice this season.

Chump Charity

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘Chump’ these are value plays that you can slide into your lineup to help you relieve salary to pay up for some Studs.

Ryan Arcidiacono3600 
In cash you pretty much must play him.  Lavine is out so my guess is he will start.
SGGarrett Temple3900 
As always to qualify as a chump you got to be cheap and get opportunity.  Temple checks both these boxes.
SFLance Stephenson3700 
I feel like Batum is too cheap here to bother punting at SF but if you are Lance might put on a dance tonight.
PFSuper Dario  
See above – if you want a cheap PF, play DARIO!!!
CJakob Poeltl4200 
Should get run in a blowout/sudden resting of players.  Has gotten 20 mins of run over last 4 games.


Final Thoughts:

I realized how little I liked this slate once I started making my lineups.  I started with getting in Westbrook and KAT as they are my favorite plays once again.  I then went with 3 Bulls, (Arci, Mark, & Holiday) this allowed me to get LMA/Batum/Warren as the rest of my plays.  For SG2 I went with a super punt play that I’m not even sure will see the floor.  I’m banking on him being a drop (I usually don’t do that!)  I have a feeling I’m going to be making some adjustments to my lineup before lock tonight and hope we get some more news that can open things up a bit more.  As always, thanks for reading and good luck tonight!

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