Top Fantasy Basketball Streamers: Week 7

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I’m going to cover some specific streamers for week 7 of the fantasy basketball season, November 26th-December 2nd. The ultimate goal is to maximize the number of games played by players who can help you win closely contested categories. For an overview of streaming strategy or to view past streaming articles, please visit the Fantasy Basketball Streaming Strategy: Overview. For daily streaming recommendations, follow me on Twitter @BasketBlogBoy. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to cover in next week’s post.

Top 20 Streamers:

RankNameTeamPosGamesQ. GamesY! Own
1Mikal BridgesPHOG/F4115%
2P.J. TuckerHOUF4030%
3Marvin WilliamsCHAF4030%
4Cody ZellerCHAF/C4025%
5Reggie BullockDETG/F3114%
6James EnnisHOUG/F4012%
7Rodney HoodCLEG/F4025%
8Wesley MatthewsDALG/F3041%
9Wesley JohnsonNORG/F400%
10Kelly Oubre Jr.WASF4040%
11Ryan ArcidiaconoCHIG406%
12Noah VonlehNYKF3148%
13Miles BridgesCHAF407%
14Tomas SatoranskyWASG409%
15Jordan ClarksonCLEG4040%
16Markieff MorrisWASF/C4040%
17Cory JosephINDG425%
18Bryn ForbesSASG4023%
19Jeff GreenWASF4021%
20Cedi OsmanCLEF4040%

Here’s some context for the ranks:

  • These ranks are based on 9-cat formats and all players are available in over 50% of Yahoo! leagues.
  • Injuries and rotation changes can significantly alter the streaming landscape. Follow injury news closely throughout the week and stream players who get unexpected opportunities.
  • “Q. Games” stands for quality games. That means games played on a day with a light schedule, typically 5 NBA games or less.

Top 20 Monday-Saturday Streamers:

RankNameTeamPosGamesQ. GamesY! Own
1P.J. TuckerHOUF4030%
2Reggie BullockDETG/F3114%
3James EnnisHOUG/F4012%
4Rodney HoodCLEG/F4025%
5Kelly Oubre Jr.WASF4040%
6Noah VonlehNYKF3148%
7Mikal BridgesPHOG/F3115%
8Ryan ArcidiaconoCHIG406%
9Tomas SatoranskyWASG409%
10Jordan ClarksonCLEG4040%
11Markieff MorrisWASF/C4040%
12Cory JosephINDG425%
13Jeff GreenWASF4021%
14Cedi OsmanCLEF4040%
15Marvin WilliamsCHAF3030%
16Cody ZellerCHAF/C3025%
17Jeremy LinATLG3130%
18D.J. AugustinORLG3046%
19Gary ClarkHOUF401%
20Fred VanVleetTORG3245%

Why Monday-Saturday streamers? To maximize the number of games played by “weekly” streamers while also allowing roster flexibility for additional moves on Sunday depending on what categories are close. Or, if you’re easily winning your matchup, you can proactively acquire players for next week’s matchup, both conserving roster moves and giving you first dibs on streamers.

As for the streamers above, I’m holding the following if they’re on my roster: Mikal Bridges, Wesley Matthews, Jeremy Lin, and Cedi Osman. Bridges appears to have earned a spot in the Suns starting rotation. Matthews was dropped in many leagues during his injury, Lin is rounding into form in Atlanta — and has provided solid fantasy value in 25 minutes before — and Osman is receiving significant playing time in Cleveland. I’d also be giving Noah Vonleh a long look before dropping him. The other players are churnable.

When your streamers get too good to drop and limit your roster flexibility, consider a consolidation trade. Yes, sometimes you’ll be too deep to roster every serviceable player and will have to cut bait. It happens. But when you can, try to get some value back by trading more players for less players, so long as you’re clearly getting the best player(s) in return. Someone recently tweeted me about a THJ + Lou Williams for Marc Gasol deal (they got Gasol). That is a great example of a consolidation trade.

Possible injuries and DNPs with streaming implications:

  • Steph Curry (stream Quinn Cook)
  • Draymond Green (stream Jordan Bell)
  • Kawhi Leonard (stream O.G. Anunoby)
  • Victor Oladipo (stream Aaron Holiday)

Other helpful streaming resources:

Please share your feedback with me on Twitter @BasketBlogBoy. Rather have this article on Saturday than Sunday? Want ranks by position or specific categories or something else? Let me know.

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