DFS Corner – November 5, 2018

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Here is a quick look at today’s slate:


Initial Thoughts:

Tonight, will definitely be a news monitoring night.  There are a handful of player’s status that will change the way rosters are constructed.  I will do my best to sum up my targets but just know to keep an eye out for the injury news and if you have any questions you can reach out to me via Twitter @MrJesseJordan.

Cash Game Targets

When looking at cash game players I will be looking at guys that have high floors, whether it is matchup driven or price driven, these players will help you make that cash line in Double Ups and H2Hs.  Cash Game Targets can also be used in Gpp lineups to anchor down your core.




Russell Westbrook1200011100
PG’s have destroyed the Pelicans thus far this season.  Westbrook is a cash game lock for me on FD where its much easier to find the value to fit him in.  The matchup is just too good and he’s coming off of 4 consecutive 50-fpt games.  We’re talking a 58 pt floor 75 pt ceiling tonight.  He’s a must in cash and is also in play in gpps. I’m not going to put this in all caps as its almost too easy of a pick.  Westbrook is my lock of the night.
Shelvin Mack45004200
The minutes and production over his last 3 games is hard to ignore.  Getting 28-32 mins and averaging 32-fpts/g over that span.  Mack is also a guy that might be available in your season longs and is someone you might want to add as a temporary streamer. I don’t foresee this hot streak continuing for the whole season but he currently has a hot hand.


Victor Oladipo91008200
Since I’m paying up for Westbrook at PG I don’t plan to play Harden, which leaves Dipo as the de facto pay up at SG play.  Dipo has pretty much been a lock for 40 Fpts over his last 8 games.  As long as he stays sub 10k he will be a cornerstone play for me.  The Rockets are a pace up game too so I wouldn’t be surprised if Dipo delivers a 50-burger for us.
Evan Fournier60005800
A bit of a risk here as Fournier does rely on scoring for his fantasy points but can crush value when he decides to dish the ball out.  I’m basing this recommendation on the matchup alone as the Cavs are 28th in points allowed to SG’s this season.  A couple other options are Damyean Dotson or Allonzo Trier if THJ needs to sit out tonight.  Trier will be a Chump Charity play tonight.
SFDanilo Gallinari69006300
Wolves are dead last vs SF’s and 26th vs PF’s.  Gallo moves around the court so I’m not too worried about Jimmy chasing him around all game.  I see Gallo/Tobias/Lou Will all having good games tonight.  Based on positions and price I’ll take Gallo in cash though.
Paul George96008800
If you don’t want to payup for Westbrook tonight, Paul George is another way to get exposure to the Thunder/Pelicans game.  The matchup isn’t quite as good for PG13 as it is for Russ but with how fast this game will be played it will be a good idea to get 1 or both of these guys in your lineups.
PFAnthony Davis1180011300
Davis played 40 minutes on Saturday and had a day’s rest.  He should be good to go tonight.  I’m guessing at this price point he will be highly owned.  I prefer Wes over Davis and if we can find the value might try to cram both into my cash lineup.
Kelly Olynyk48005000
Whiteside is out, and with that makes Bam Abedayo the chalk value play tonight.  I think I might go both Kelly & Bam in cash to see if helps me get the studs.  These aren’t matchup plays and merely opportunity plays.  The matchup plays tonight are Thad Young/Sabonis.
CAndre Drummond92008600
I’m more than likely limiting myself to 2 centers tonight and they are in the same game.  I’m either punting and playing Bam Abedayo or I’m paying up for Drummond.  Bam is just too cheap and Drummond should absolutely smash tonight.




GPP/Tournament Targets

Players that have high ceilings and are a little more on the risky side.



Kyle Lowry83008600
Slight price decrease for Lowry.  Jazz are in the bottom 1/3 in points given up to the PG position.  I think he will come at an ownership discount due to the matchup and could deliver a 6X value game.


Jrue Holiday86008300
Very similar to Oladipo in production but the matchup isn’t quite as good.  I’m okay with playing Jrue over Dipo if that’s what you want to do.
Lou Williams58005700
Scoring is on the rise.  Has really produced 5 straight games, get the Wolves tonight.  Does Lou crack 30 points tonight?
SFJabari Parker66005700
Has really struggled to produce since being thrown in to the starting lineups.  Gets an easier matchup for his position tonight.  The matchup is good enough to take a shot on Parker.
Gordon Hayward54005100
Minutes are slowly increasing as he’s been on the good side of 24 for the last 3 games.  I have no inside info here but I’d like to think his mins are going to get bumped to 28 soon here.  The production is also slowly coming back.  Tonight, might not be the night but Hayward is something you are going to want to monitor closely, especially with the price discount we get on him.
PFDomantas Sabonis60005900
Thad Young is 100 more, I firmly believe one of these 2 is going for 40 plus tonight.  I lean more towards Sabonis.
Jerami Grant49004400
Coming off a 40+ fpt outing vs the Wizards, Grant might be popular.  He’s a cheap way to get exposure to the high total game.  I prefer Kelly O but Grant gives us a nice pivot option.


Chump Charity

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘Chump’ these are value plays that you can slide into your lineup to help you relieve salary to pay up for some Studs.

PGCory Joseph38003700
Too many other value options on the slate to punt PG but in case you want to CoJo is priced nicely for it.
SGAllonzo Trier39004200
Trier is almost guaranteed a minute’s bump if THJ is out.  He would also be blow out proof but I don’t think this game is blowing out. If Hardaway is ruled out I will probably use Trier everywhere.
SFAlfonzo McKinnie37003300
Gets a little run with the main rotation but if this game blows out like Vegas is thinking then he should get extra run in the 4th. Can’t bank on blow outs but at 3700 he’s a solid punt option.
PFGary Clark38003400
Minutes are unpredictable but gets some run on occasion.
CBam Abedayo38004300
Whiteside is out.  Bam becomes a plug and play.  He’s 1 of the 2 centers I’ll play tonight.


Final Thoughts:

Before going into my 1st roster build I wanted to point out that I didn’t write up and Warriors tonight.  They can pretty much be considered every night, and I think tonight they will go low owned in gpps due to the matchup and double digit spread.  Feel free to sprinkle them into your gpp lineups tonight.

I wanted to see if I could fit in a lineup with Westbrook/Davis and Oladipo.  So, I started with locking them in. I then went to value and got Mack, Trier (speculating that THJ is out), Olynyk, and Bam in.  This left me with 10,100 to fill out my 2 SF’s.  I found 2 4500-5500 plays that I liked and plugged them in.  I may have to reconsider this lineup and come off Dipo to sure up a couple other spots.

Who are your plays tonight?

Thanks for reading.

Good Luck!

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