DFS Corner – November 1, 2018

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Here is a quick look at today’s slate:


Initial Thoughts:

6 game slate tonight, these 5-6 gamers are my favorite. Vegas says we should have some competitive ones tonight too.  As a basketball fan I’m excited for the MIL/BOS game but as a DFS player I’m more excited for this SAC/ATL game.

Cash Game Targets

When looking at cash game players I will be looking at guys that have high floors, whether it is matchup driven or price driven, these players will help you make that cash line in Double Ups and H2Hs.  Cash Game Targets can also be used in Gpp lineups to anchor down your core.




Ben Simmons98009600
PG really has some solid options tonight.  I picked Simmons and Lillard as my cash game targets as their floors are pretty solid and they draw 2 of the best matchups of the night.  Going Westbrook up top would be a decent option too but you’d then have to pair him with the likes of Trae Young or Kyrie, which aren’t bad options either.
Damian Lillard96009900
PG’s have torched the Pelicans this year.  Curry, Murray, Rubio, and DAR have all had at least 23 points against them.  I don’t expect Dame to have any problem with putting the points on the board tonight.  I just realized I should probably put my preferred target on the top of the position list but if I had to choose between Ben or Dame tonight I would lean towards Dame.


C.J. McCollum69006600
McCollum hasn’t had a big game yet this season.  He’s probably priced more on potential than what his actual results have been thus far.  He’s averaging 28 fpts/game which I would expect his price to be around 6200 but we all know he has a high ceiling.  I think CJ is a solid cash option tonight as he provides some savings over the top priced SG’s and in this matchup vs the Pelican’s tonight should have a 30 pt floor.
Jrue Holiday83007300
Jrue is the most expensive SG on tonight’s slate. If Elf gets ruled out tonight Jrue becomes a lock for me.  Jrue is coming off B2B 40-fpts games and I expect him to stay hot tonight.  *Update* Davis is Doubtful, Jrue becomes a lock and Mirotic and Randle also become options!
SFEvan Turner45004100
Harkless has already been ruled out.  Turner had a rough outing vs Houston their last game but the key here is the opportunity.  He has gotten at minimum 25 minutes in the last 4 games.  The floor here is about 22 fpts with a 30 pt ceiling.  I know I’ve already listed 3 Blazers tonight but the matchup is good as the Pelicans play at such a high pace it makes for Fantasy Goodness.
The Greak Freak is back after clearing the concussion protocol.  The total of this game has slowly creeped up and I know the Celtics are solid defensively.  It’s just Giannis does so much for his team and comes at almost 1k cheaper then he did his last played game.  This game shouldn’t blow out so he should see 36-38 mins tonight, I’m excited to see what he does with them.
PFMarcus Morris47005100
There is a chance that Jaylen Brown sits tonight.  If that happens I think Morris will be almost guaranteed 30-32 minutes tonight.  He’s had a pretty solid season thus far averaging 24.8 fpts/game.  At 4700 he almost is a free square tonight.
Anthony Davis1280011600
Coming off an injury and also a floor game I think Davis goes a little less unowned tonight.  I would rank the elite as Giannis, Davis, and Westbrook tonight for cash and Davis, Giannis, Westbrook for gpp’s.  Davis has destroyed the Blazers in the past.  Do yourself a favor and go to statmuse.com and type in “anthony davis against blazers each game fanduel points per game” in your search.  *Update Davis is now listed as Doubtful*
CAl Horford67006000
In 4 games last season Al averaged 40 FD pts/game.  I know this isn’t last year and I know Hayward can and will be used to guard Giannis too but last year they used Big Al a lot opposite of Giannis.  Additionally, Al provides a nice price discount that can help to squeeze in at least 1 stud into your cash lineup.




GPP/Tournament Targets

Players that have high ceilings and are a little more on the risky side.



Kyrie Irving76007700
Still too cheap, seems to be finally putting it together.  The Kyrie 50-burger is coming, I would make sure to have exposure to him tonight.
De’Aaron Fox82006700
I don’t think I’ll pay the price on FD but on dk I’ll be all over him.  Get the plays right in this Kings/Hawks game and you may find yourself taking down a GPP tonight.


Feel free to pick 1 or the other.  I think this game stays close so I lean more toward Redick because of that.  Plus there’s a bit of the revenge narrative for those of you that are into that.
Kent Bazemore69006000
All of the Kings/Hawks are in play tonight in gpp’s.  Again, we will need to find the right combination to fit in with our core but I really think this game is the key to a takedown tonight. Although more expensive I’d be more inclined to play Bazemore on FD where Steals and Blocks are 3 pts, as he can really fill up those stats.
SFDanilo Gallinari64006500
If Gallinari could put together a full game he’d be 8k+.  I might be mis-remembering but I swear he had 25 real points at half the other night vs the Thunder and finished with 27.  Either way I guess it shows that he can put up points in a hurry.  At 6400 and vs a bottom 10 team in points given up to SF’s I’m going to be targeting Gallinari in my gpp lineups.
Paul George93009100
I tend to overlook George as his price tends to keep me away.  He is very capable of delivering on his price tag and tonight with limited elite plays at the SF position he comes into play.  I more than likely will be playing more Giannis/Gallinari but if you want to plug in PG13 feel free too.
PFMarvin Bagley55005000
The Hawks are 29th in points given up to PF’s.  The matchup is great its just that its hard to predict when Bagley is going to play well.  The ceiling here is 40+ which makes Bagley a great gpp option.
Dario Saric52004900
Super Dario has struggled his last 4 games.  He comes at a bargain price tonight. He has been shooting a little less but I think that has to do more with the fact that he hasn’t been shooting well.  Those shots are eventually going to fall and with it the shot attempts will increase.  I like tonight as a bounce back spot for Saric.
This is a great spot for Centers vs the Kings, the key here again is figuring out what Center to Play.  Len is the starter and had a huge game vs the Cavs last time out.  It’s my opinion that Dedmon has the higher ceiling but struggled his last game out.  Not that I want to condone splitting more lineups but it might be worth running 2 lineups and going one with each Center.


Chump Charity

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘Chump’ these are value plays that you can slide into your lineup to help you relieve salary to pay up for some Studs.

PGTerry Rozier44004200
Speculating that Brown sits due to his foot, if that happens Rozier should see a minute’s increase.  More minutes is more opportunity. I don’t think I can punt PG tonight though.
Jeremy Lin37003600
Just pointing out that Lin saw big time run in the blowout loss to the Cavs.  Might be something to keep an eye on and if you feel like taking a big risk feel free to try him out tonight.
SGMalik Beaseley36003800
30 minutes the last 2 games and a matchup with the lowly Cavs.
Iman Shumpert36003600
Should be back tonight, if he’s starting he really is a solid punt opting vs the Hawks.
SFMichael Kidd-Gilchrist41003900
Depending on the matchup he can see up to 24 minutes in a game.  At 4100 he becomes a viable punt option.  There’s 30 pt upside here.
PFTrey Lyles44004500
Has been consistently in the 20 fpts/g, I prefer to play Morris at 4700 but Lyles gives you an opportunity to pivot.
CMason Plumlee36003500
Most viable Center punt tonight, had a solid game vs the Bulls last night with 27.3 fpts in 20 minutes.


Final Thoughts:

I started my lineup with Giannis/Lillard/Jrue.  As I started filling out the rest of my lineup the lowest I wanted to go at PG was Kyrie/Young, so I started with Kyrie, punted SG2, then filled it up with Turner/Saric/Morris/ and Tristan Thompson at Center.  I immediately got a sick stomach and decided to see what would happen if I went down to Gallinari over Giannis.  From there I was able to upgrade TT at C, move up slightly at my punt SG, then get to a Lillard/Simmons combo at the top.  Although this lineup lacks 1/3 elite studs, I think I’m okay with it for cash.

*Update* Davis is doubtful, don’t overreact but getting exposure to Mirotic and Randle with Jrue is now an option.

Feedback is appreciated and good luck!!


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