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Who let the DFS guy participate on a Dynasty NBA blog?

Whether Dynasty and Season long truthers want to admit it, there is a lot of correlation between Daily Fantasy Sports and Season/Dynasty Leagues. The biggest tie ins that I have found are the temporary streamers and value plays.  If it weren’t for DFS I would have never known about guys like Tyrone Wallace, Caris Levert, or everyone’s favorite opportunity play Boban Marjanovic.  These guys aren’t going to be players that are going to ultimately win you you’re league but if given the opportunity they might be temporary pickups that can help you get a weekly win or 2 throughout the season.  Okay, I’m done trying to defend myself here, and am going to use the rest of my blog post to take a look at the opening day slate.  I will be using FanDuel positions for my breakdowns but will list the price on FD and DK.

Here is a quick look at today’s slate:



Cash Game Targets

When looking at cash game players I will be looking at guys that have high floors, whether it is matchup driven or price driven, these players will help you make that cash line in Double Ups and H2Hs.  Cash Game Targets can also be used in Gpp lineups to anchor down your core.




Steph Curry1020010100
The more things change the more they stay the same.  Curry has a premium matchup with the Suns tonight who have routinely ranked in the bottom vs PG’s for years.  Curry’s price is high but so is the floor.  There is blow out potential here so it’s possible Curry doesn’t get much or any 4th quarter run.  Just know that if it’s a blow out that mean’s Curry got the job done in limited minutes, so he’s still cash game viable.  If you think the Suns can keep it close then Curry becomes a great gpp target too.
John Wall98008900
Wall is an elite cash game target tonight.  Vegas thinks this will be a close game with a 226 total.  Wall has come off B2B 50 Fpt games against 2 Top 10 teams at defending the PG position.  He now gets a juicy matchup vs the Blazers, who are 24th in fpts given up against PG’s.  I will more than likely be playing either Wall/Curry and matching up a Value option in my cash lineup tonight.


Wes Matthews46005000
Matthews is getting 34 minutes a game at around a 20% USG rate, add that to the ridiculously high total for tonight’s game with the Bulls, and the friendly price tag of 4600 and you have really solid cash game target in Wes Matthews.
Victor Oladipo85008200
Defensively the Wolves have been terrible this season.  Yes, Butler is a really good on the ball defender and could spend some time guarding Dipo.  I just think between the volume of points the Wolves are giving up and the number of shots Dipo will get that the opportunity is going to be there for a big game.  Feel free to go elsewhere at SG if you don’t like the call as there are a lot of GOOD options tonight.  Who you pick at SG is going to have a huge impact on whether you cash tonight.
SFGiannis Antetokounmpo1220011100
The highest floor of tonight’s slate.  Usage rate is sitting at just under 40% and there isn’t a single person on the Knicks who can stop him.  Giannis is expensive for a reason, if you can make it work get him in your lineup.
Kawhi Leonard98008800
Kawhi is a stable in my cash game thoughts.  I still think he is being underpriced and because he can fill it up across the board his floor is high.  If I can’t fit Giannis in at SF I will definitely have Kawhi in my lineup.
PFSerge Ibaka55005300
Ibaka the starter gets more minutes with less usage, Ibaka the reserve gets less minutes with more usage…it’s a win/win situation.   With PF being the position lacking the real elite options I think going value here just makes too much sense.  5500 is a perfect price to pay and Ibaka has consistently hit the 30 Fpt plateau in all 3 games so far.  I am going to name Ibaka as my LOCK OF THE NIGHT!
Markieff Morris50005000
Markieff Morris fits the double value build, and gets the matchup vs the 29th ranked team in giving up Fpts to the PF position.  His brother is another solid option here at 4900 vs the Magic.
CDeandre Ayton76006800
Great bounce back spot for Ayton, as he struggled Saturday vs Jokic and the Nuggets.  The Warriors don’t have a Center who can matchup with Ayton that will be able to guard him or get him in foul trouble.  Ayton’s minutes should be blow out proof so I expect him to get his full 32+ minutes.  His floor is around 35 fpts with 45-50 pt upside.  There are a handful of Center options out there though so feel free to tinker depending on salary left.




GPP/Tournament Targets

Players that have high ceilings and are a little more on the risky side.



J.J. Barea49004900
Barea gets the job done.  Has put up 29.6 and 35.7 fpts in around 20.5 mins so far this season.  He’s priced right for a gpp value target.
Kyrie Irving80007000
Kyrie is still struggling to score.  He put up 40 on the Magic last year, could we finally get a game from Kyrie?  I’ve told you before that I probably like Kyrie too much so fair warning….If he doesn’t hit tonight I will go back to secretly loving Kyrie until he shows us he’s still good.


Josh Hart58005100
Opportunity play here, with Ingram/Rondo out I think Hart will see an uptick in minutes.  He has been outstanding thus far this season.  He received a major price bump on FD and imo is close to being priced out on upside. I wouldn’t play Hart/Kuzma in the same lineup.
KCP is in a put up or shut up type of situation.  With the aforementioned Hart playing well and pushing for minutes it’s time for KCP to step up and shut the door or he will continue to lose playing time and eventually a starting spot.  With Ingram/Rondo out, there is an opportunity for KCP to shine.  Since his price is lower than Hart I think will take the risk on KCP at a lower ownership.
SFRudy Gay61005500
Gut call here.  Rudy has been solid so far but just hasn’t had that break out game.  My gut is telling me tonight’s the night for that breakout…I have no data to back this one up.
Kevin Durant1080010400
Giannis/Kawhi/Lebron all being on this slate will distract people from playing Durant.  I think the majority of people who play a Warrior tonight will lean towards Steph as that is the better matchup.  Get yourself some KD for the ceiling and on a lower ownership night and thank me later.
PFKyle Kuzma65005500
Kuzma in my opinion is a gpp target tonight, with that said I think his ownership % is going to be extremely high.  If you think his floor is 35-40 fpts then you best get him in tonight as with his ownership being you’ll be playing catch up every where else.  I personally want exposure but I don’t think he’s a lock by any means.
Bobby Portis71006600
Bobby’s price has finally increased, but I don’t necessarily think it was enough.  We haven’t experienced his ceiling game yet and when it happens you’re going to want exposure.
CAl Horford70006200
Lots of upside verses a magic team that gives up points to bigs.


Chump Charity

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘Chump’ these are value plays that you can slide into your lineup to help you relieve salary to pay up for some Studs.

PGPatty Mills40004200
Might be the best value play of the night as he has a great matchup.  I’m not sure I can play him in cash yet since he has been inconsistent but think his price is well worth the risk in gpp’s.
Isaiah Canaan43004300
Canaan has been getting 30 mins a game and has hit at least 5.5X his price point in both games this season.  He is a viable punt once again vs the Warriors.
SGGarrett Temple41004000
I’m putting him here so I can write that I will not be playing Temple tonight.  In case you missed it, Temple went absolutely bonkers on Friday vs the Hawks. The matchup tonight is much worse and to me just screams fade since I think his ownership will be high. I also might just be a little bitter since I didn’t have him in my Chump Charity options for Friday night and totally missed……
SFDorian Finney-Smith43004100
B2B 30-minute games, has scored at least 21.9 fpts in both games this season.  Is at his lowest price of the season…. not sure what’s going on here but DFS is a solid punt in all formats.
Omri Casspi38003200
The super punt of the night. With Green out Casspi stepped up and played 24 minutes on Saturday.  At dang near the minimum on both sites I’m not sure you’ll find a better play for the price.  Also, if Kyle Anderson sits tonight I will be increasing the amount of exposure to Casspi and will probably lock him in my cash lineup.
PFKevin Looney40004000
I really can’t stand making this recommendation but Looney has been making people money.  As the season goes on and pricing adjusts there will be less and less 4k and under guys we can punt with.  Looney provides some upside with his 4k pricing.  I won’t use him in cash but great gpp option.
Noah Vonleh43004300
The extreme value plays are getting hard to find.  Vonleh grabbed 13 boards vs the Celtics on Saturday and may have earned himself a few more minutes.  At 4300 he’s a gpp punt.


Final Thoughts:

Started out my lineup plugging in Wall, Matthews, Ibaka, Morris, and Ayton.  Which game me 6875 left per position to fill out the lineup.  I decided to dip into the Value bin at PG and SF so that I could pay up at SG and my other SF position, after much thought I stuck to my gut about Dipo which then gave me 10,900 left for my last SF spot.  As of now instead of rebuilding my core I decided that Durant is fine enough play for me.

As always thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment or find me on Twitter.


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