DFS Corner – October 18, 2018

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Who let the DFS guy participate on a Dynasty NBA blog?

Whether Dynasty and Season long truthers want to admit it, there is a lot of correlation between Daily Fantasy Sports and Season/Dynasty Leagues. The biggest tie ins that I have found are the temporary streamers and value plays.  If it weren’t for DFS I would have never known about guys like Tyrone Wallace, Caris Levert, or everyone’s favorite opportunity play Boban Marjanovic.  These guys aren’t going to be players that are going to ultimately win you you’re league but if given the opportunity they might be temporary pickups that can help you get a weekly win or 2 throughout the season.  Okay, I’m done trying to defend myself here, and am going to use the rest of my blog post to take a look at the opening day slate.  I will be using FanDuel positions for my breakdowns but will list the price on FD and DK.

Here is a quick look at today’s slate:

    • Bulls @ 76ers (-12)  O/U 220
    • Heat @ Wizards (-5.5) O/U 214
    • Lakers @ Blazers (-3) O/U 223.5

3 Game Slate tonight so I won’t be doing a full cash/gpp/value breakdown.   I’ll give you some of my favorite targets at each position and the players that I think can grant you the ever coveted ‘Chump Charity’.




John Wall96008200
My initial thoughts pointed to Dame at home with a high total and great matchup, then I thought about upside and I think Wall’s upside is higher than that of Lillards.  On these smaller slates I like to gain an edge by targeting Studs in perceived bad spots in hopes that they go off.  Wall is not the safe play here but with an equal floor as Dame and the upside to rival Simmons, I am going to roll with Wall and see if the leverage play pays off.
Rajon Rondo45005800
Rondo started at PG during the preseason and wracked up some nice stat lines.  The Lakers are going to play fast, this means Rondo is going to be dishing out dimes left and right.  At 4500 he comes in as the better value PG play (over Payne).



Zach Lavine6800 
Dunn is out due to personal reasons.  Lavine’s usage rate was already at around 30%, this will just increase it.  Do yourself a favor and just lock him in tonight.
SFLebron James1170010800
Hey look captain obvious is being obvious again…. anyways, I said earlier that I like Wall as a leverage play. In other words, I’m fading the better play in hopes that my pivot can outscore the original play.  In this spot there are no other SF’s that can do this.  With that said if you are fading Lebron I highly recommend getting yourself some Simmons/Embiid with your savings.
Otto Porter/Jabari Parker6400/62005600/5200
I don’t mind either guy and prefer their prices on DK. Porter is a stat stuffer who should see 30+ mins tonight.  Parker is the 6th man and will be the leading producer on the Bulls 2nd unit.  Again, the price is much better on DK.


Bobby Portis57005700
I feel like Portis is being priced for the old Bobby Portis, you know the one who used to punched people in practice and then come off the bench in games.  The new Bobby is a starter and had an amazing preseason averaging 17 and 6 for the Bulls.  Due to the lack of options tonight at PF and I understand this is a bit chalky but I’m rolling with Portis as my LOCK OF THE NIGHT.


Hassan Whiteside75007000
Well, the obvious play is Embiid and that is who I would like to target, but it’s already going to be hard to fit Wall/Lebron into my lineups. Whiteside provides a little bit of salary relief over Embiid.  Whiteside will get a limited Howard tonight (if he plays) and should be able to deliver on his 7500 price point.  I will give some caution as it is the 2nd night of a B2B so it wouldn’t surprise me if he only gets 28 minutes. Overall, I think Whiteside is the best pts/$ play on the slate but with that said, if I need the extra salary I’m going to roll with Bam and if I have the extra salary I will go up to Embiid.

Chump Charity

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘Chump’ these are value plays that you can slide into your lineup to help you relieve salary to pay up for some Studs.


Cameron Payne40003600
Payne is a super punt on DK and is starting for Dunn tonight.  I think on FD I will try to find that extra 500 to get up to Rondo.


Rodney McGruder3500 
Same story with Mr. McGruder, 2nd night of B2B so some of the Heat could get reduced minutes.  Again with the B2B talk, people are going to say its too early for it…but look at history with the Heat and I think you will see the story I am telling…..


Jeff Green36003700
A bit of a reach here but the Wizards did quite a bit of experimenting with Green during the preseason, which could be a sign that they plan to use him.  I know he spent some time at the 5 for their small ball lineup.  At 3600 he might be worth taking a shot on.  If Howards end up out I will really like Green, if not he’s a value play with upside.
Lance Stephenson40004000
It might be too early in the season to Lance but he is cheap and has been known to go off on occasion.  Be cautious if you decide to roll with him….


Bam Adebayo43004900
The more I think about Whiteside’s situation the more I like Bam today.  Bam when given the opportunity has absolutely crushed. Last night Bam had 23.6 FPs on 22 mins. On a 2nd night of a B2B I could see those minutes getting a bump to 26-28, more opportunity means more Fpts.


Final Thoughts:

Started my build with Wall/Rondo, then went Lavine, Lebron, Portis.  This is where I needed to make some decisions.  After all the thinking I decided to roll with Bam at Center.  This allowed me to finish out my lineup with Parker and Ingram while punting at SG2.

After I was done with my lineup I noticed that I could get the same lineup if I go Simmons/Payne at PG…so now I get to spend the rest of my day pondering…If you have any questions or just want to talk Fantasy NBA please leave a comment or reach out to me on Twitter.

Good Luck!

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