The Weight of Dynasty

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Dynasty Leagues are significantly more complicated than your standard redraft. The combination of strategies, angles, approaches, and preferences all come into play for an extremely dynamic fantasy experience. Along with the depth of having to navigate all of these additional factors, there is an often missed component to consider when you decide to take the dynasty leap. When you accept that email, that coveted invite, that proves to you that someone feels you are worthy of such responsibility, there is a commitment you are undertaking, and you better be ready. Here is the tough love that you need to get into the right mindset.

Signing up for a Dynasty League means that you are signing up for YEARS of intense team building, through drafting, trades, and scrounging the waiver wires for those potential gems. There are no excuses or free passes when your first rounder blows out his knee and no hopes of a new team next year. You need to be prepared to have the resilience and patience to figure it out.  If you are trusted enough to join a dynasty league that means you are trusted enough to not just say “f**k it” and quit. With this format, you have the ability to overcome short-term setbacks and triumph in the long run.



What is any game? What is any sport? COMPETITION.  Dynasty is the next level of fantasy sports, so treat it as such and give your full effort. You’re a Dynasty GM. Act like you’ve been here before. I may be an idealist but my advice today is to:

  1. Fight.
  2. Grind.
  3. Try to make it happen.

If you never get that ring, nobody can tell you s**t as long as you tried.  Put in the time and mental energy to improve your squad. Never give up. The beauty of this format is that there is a tomorrow. You can change your strategy and plot your revenge. You have all the time in the world.  Just remember in dynasty the most important qualities are resilience and dedication.

If you never get that ring, nobody can tell you s**t as long as you tried.



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