Dynasty Defined


Dynasty Basketball exists in many forms.

The basic idea is that a league carries over from year to year in some form, with owners and some portions of teams remaining the same.

Now from that definition, it can go a number of different ways with setups including keeper leagues (generally keeping a set number of players from one season to the next), and standard dynasty leagues (where owners can keep their entire team from one season to the next).

Then it can branch from there to include draft pick penalties for keepers, salary caps, and league sizes generally ranging from 12-30 and maintaining varying levels of bench depth.


Some of the benefits include:

  • Many different approaches to team building – win now vs. build for the future
  • Future draft picks – these are assets that can be traded or can really help out the bottom teams
  • More trading – with different strategies, approaches, and timelines, as well as the inclusion of draft picks, trades are more common and can be done creatively


What you’ll find in dynasty leagues is that the owners tend to be more knowledgeable, passionate, and committed to fantasy basketball than what you might find in your local 10-12 team standard redraft league. That’s obviously not always the case, as there are a ton of super advanced nerds running teams in double-digit standard redraft leagues, but as a rule, those that decide to make the leap into controlling a team for the long-term (sometimes decades) tend to be more of the committed nerd of fantasy sports.


With dynasty leagues carrying on for multiple years, it does tend to weed out those that are not committed. You can also find those that royally screwed up a roster and decide to ditch it. This can be problematic. The fortunate thing is, places like twitter and reddit can be a great location to find people up for the challenge of rebuilding a team. We’ll get into some tips and strategies for helping keep people committed, as well as entice new owners. Also, frustrations with your team can double as you deal with the ghosts of your mistakes for multiple seasons.


Up for the challenge? So what do you do now? As previously mentioned, you can find leagues on reddit and twitter, or better yet, if you already know some people in real life, propose a dynasty league as an alternative to the redraft leagues you may have been doing. You can also contact us on twitter as we begin to assemble leagues and we can help you out.