Top Streamers: Week 6

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Week 6 coming up, and a lot on the menu both for Thanksgiving and for fantasy. No games on Thursday means more games in less nights, which means less quality games to take advantage of. However, all hope is not lost because on Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday teams like Washington, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Charlotte, Indiana, and Philly have a Quality Game this week that can be used to your advantage. Not only that, but with more and more guys getting nicked up for a game or two, put that IR to use and make that a streaming night as long as you have an open roster spot. Getting those extra 3-5 games in a week go a long ways to changing the direction of your weekly matchup.

A new addition at the tail end of this article is a break down of streamers based on each of the standard 8 categories. (Turnovers don’t count here because they cater heavily to players that don’t end up getting minutes, which usually are not good pickups). What this will do is provide you with the opportunity to go seeking specific categories throughout the week in addition to getting the most games possible. Check it out, let us know how you like it or what results you got, and we’ll keep making changes to give you the edge against your opponent every week.

As always, there are players that might be worth more than just a stream, so be sure to check out our weekly Waiver Wire Wisdom. The criteria for this week’s streamer list are as usual:

  • The list is based on 9-category formats & all players available in 50% or more of Yahoo! leagues.
  • This list is sorted by total number of games, followed by quality games, then back-to-backs as a way to highlight who can get you the most opportunity in the least amount of transactions. More often than not, especially if you have limited transactions, it is better to have someone for 4 games than someone for 2 games.
  • Follow injury news closely throughout the week and stream players who get unexpected opportunities. Injuries and rotation changes can significantly alter the streaming landscape. Moritz Wagner and Ivica Zubac are decent options this week, as is George Hill. Finally, T.J. McConnell and/or Aaron Holiday should see some good minutes depending on how long Malcolm Brogdon is out with back problems.
  • We started adding back to backs as a column as well. Adding someone on a back to back is a great way to double your production per transaction. As usual, we have Quality Games as a consideration. Quality games are nights when there aren’t as many games being played and your roster should have some empty spots, so look ahead through the week and plan out your moves.

If you have any questions on who to stream, what streaming is, or anything else feel free to tweet/DM me @rhett_bauer. I’ll get back to you ASAP so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to dominate your league!

Top 20 Streamers: Monday – Sunday

RankNameTeamPosGQGsb2bY! % Own
1Moritz WagnerWASPF41127
2Ivica ZubacLACC41134
3George HillMILPG/SG41112
4Nerlens NoelOKCPF/C40041
5Alec BurksGSWPG/SG40046
6Dillon BrooksMEMSG/SF40035
7Langston GallowayDETPG/SG40030
8Glenn Robinson IIIGSWSG/SF40022
9Jae CrowderMEMSF/PF40032
10Duncan RobinsonMIAPF40016
11Daniel TheisBOSPF/C40017
12Kelly OlynykMIAPF/C40035
13Nemanja BjelicaSACPF31144
14Josh HartNORSG/SF30043
15Frank NtilikinaNYKPG30016
16Kris DunnCHIPG/SG30024
17Tomas SatoranskyCHIPG/SG30050
18Rodney HoodPORSG/SF30018
19Kenrich WilliamsNORSF30025
20Daniel HouseHOUSG/SF21043

Top 20 Streamers: Monday – Saturday

This distinction is important because Sunday can be a day specifically for one category, or for you to gear up for next week. By removing Sunday from consideration, it allows you to really see who has the most value through the week while also giving you some more flexibility for those last ditch category swings.

RankNameTeamPosGamesQ Gamesb2bY! % Own
1George HillMILPG/SG41112
2Nemanja BjelicaSACPF31144
3Moritz WagnerWASPF31127
4Ivica ZubacLACC31134
5Nerlens NoelOKCPF/C30041
6Kris DunnCHIPG/SG30024
7Alec BurksGSWPG/SG30046
8Dillon BrooksMEMSG/SF30035
9Langston GallowayDETPG/SG30030
10Glenn Robinson IIIGSWSG/SF30022
11Jae CrowderMEMSF/PF30032
12Duncan RobinsonMIAPF30016
13Tomas SatoranskyCHIPG/SG30050
14Rodney HoodPORSG/SF30018
15Daniel TheisBOSPF/C30017
16Kelly OlynykMIAPF/C30035
17Daniel HouseHOUSG/SF21043
18Josh HartNORSG/SF20043
19Frank NtilikinaNYKPG20016
20Kenrich WilliamsNORSF20025

8 Category Streaming

Throughout the week, you’ll start to get an idea of a category you will struggle in against this particular opponent. This is a great opportunity, transaction limits permitting, to stream that category and turn the tides of the matchup. Some of the names in these groups aren’t in the above streamer list because they don’t have as many games this week, but they provide the most value in their specific category of all players owned in less than 50% of Yahoo! leagues. As long as you can find a roster spot for them on a night when they have a game, you’re going to see great results:

Points: Alec Burks, Bryn Forbes, Dillon Brooks, Jordan Clarkson, Langston Galloway
Threes: Duncan Robinson, Bryn Forbes, Langston Galloway, Daniel House, Josh Hart
Rebounds: Daniel Theis, JaMychal Green, Ivica Zubac, Bobby Portis, Nemanja Bjelica
Assists: Isaiah Thomas, Rajon Rondo, Tomas Satoransky, T.J. McConnell, Shabazz Napier
Steals: Kris Dunn, DeAndre Bembry, Mikal Bridges, Frank Ntilikina, Donte DiVincenzo
Blocks: Goga Bitadze, Daniel Theis, Nerlens Noel, JaVale McGee, Ivica Zubac
FG%: Moritz Wagner, Jahlil Okafor, Dwight Powell, Damian Jones, Jaxson Hayes
FT%: Alec Burks, Langston Galloway, Jordan Clarkson, Brad Wannamaker, Terrance Ross