Fantasy Basketball Injury Analysis: Joel Embiid

3 min read

There is a lot for fantasy GMs to unpack when a player is injured. We need to not only understand the severity of the injury, how long they might be out, but also restrictions in their play once they return. For dynasty GMs, we need to understand how this injury may affect them long term.

We are lucky to have, Dr. Rajpal Brar on board and providing injury analysis with his medical expertise. This video is concerning Philadelphia 76ers Center Joel Embiid and his left knee soreness. Take a look.

Initial Notes

Some of the major takeaways here are that this looks to be a proactive management and treatment for a lingering injury that can turn chronic if left unchecked. With the 6ers positioning to a top 4 seed in the East, it definitely seems like the smart move to not push Embiid’s knee and allow him to rest and heal. I knew that ‘itis’ referred to inflammation, but today we got an excellent anatomy lesson from Dr. Brar, explaining that inflammation isn’t really found in tendons, but what we’re dealing with here is actually tendinopothy. Or, you could go with Jumper’s Knee.

Moving Forward

On the season, Embiid has been a beast and top 10 player. He does so much well on both sides of the court and is the most important player on the 76ers roster. He’ll be constantly compared against Anthony Davis, Karl Anthony Towns, and Nikola Jokic, which is great company to keep. His combination of scoring, boards, assists, nice FT%, along with legit triple one potential has Embiid postioned well as a moidern NBA big and could work his way into the top 5 in fantasy in the near future.

The injury and its management are good for Embiid’s long-term, but is very frustrating for fantasy GMs that have rode his production into playoff contention. For now it sounds like he will be out right up to the fantasy playoffs and we can expect some rest and minute management. All of this mutes his fantasy impact and is a tough pill for those that roster him.

Long Term Outlook

While he’s just about to turn 25, Embiid is in his physical prime, but has lower mileage than most his age due to the injuries he dealt with in the beginning of his pro career. There’s nothing to suggest that he can’t continue what he’s doing and even improve, especially in his efficiency from the field. Any marked improvements would lead me to think the top 5 ranking is very possible for the big man. The fact that Philly is doing such a good job at being proactive only bolds well for his future.

His size and injury history will continue to be a concern for his health and longevity, but use that bit of doubt to buy low. He’ll be an elite center for at least the next 5 seasons.