Waiver Wire Wisdom: Week 20

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As we get past the allstar break and head towards the fantasy playoffs, it’s as important as ever to stay on top of the trending waiver pickups.

Fantasy Basketball Waivers can be a personal thing. The choices and strategies you make can vary greatly from one team to the next and one league from the next. These strategies are fluid and can obviously change as the season progresses.

Maybe your team needs to take a swing for the fences to push into the playoff race. Or maybe your team is on top and you have some wiggle room to take some gambles. You could be firmly in the mix and you need to a boost in 1 or 2 categories. You could have room in your dynasty squad and are looking to add an upside rookie that will pay off down the road. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Here we’ll offer up some different waiver options to consider based on some of these varying criteria. All of the players here are available in over half of Yahoo leagues.


These are the guys that make you yawn as you’re adding them to your team. While some might not be technically old, it’s more about their essence. They may be coming off of the bench but have cemented some sort of consistent role on their respective team. They won’t add much fun factor, but their sneaky production can make a difference.


Strengths: Points, Assists, 3’s

Availability: 87% of Yahoo Leagues

Lin moves into a fantasy-friendly slot, backing up Lowry and Danny Green at the 1 and 2. He also does this without facing competition from an injured Fred VanVleet. He should come off the bench, or start when Lowry has his games off and consistently produce nice scoring with solid 3’s and assists

Also Consider

Cody Zeller (72% Availability) – Zeller returned from injury and looks newly improved. He’s still nothing flashy, but offer up some near double-double numbers, along with high efficiency and a few assists and stocks. Not bad for your 3rd or 4th big man.


Make way for the young guys. These players will be a lot more fun to roster, but can bring some more ups and downs. If you can stomach the ride, the potential upside is a solid way to go.


Strengths: FG%, Boards, Blocks

Availability: 52% of Yahoo Leagues

For the time being, it looks like a solid split between MitchRob and DeAndre Jordan for those center minutes. As is stands, both have been producing nice numbers, but as the team moves towards tank, we can expect to see the minutes advantage slide in favor of Robinson. He’ll be an exciting young big to roster and should produce well in his boards and blocks, with excellent FG%.

Also Consider

Cedi Osman (63% Availability) – We’ve been teased by Cedi’s potential and maybe more his role on a very poor Cavs squad. He hasn’t quite lived up to expectations but has been heating up over the last month to the tune of a top 50 ranking over that time. The return of Love moves him back to his more natural small forward position and should help. He should give your team a boost in points, 3’s and assists from the wing.


Admittedly, many of the players that fit in this category could do double duty in the Streamers article, as they tend to be the guys you move in and out of the end of your bench. Weekly schedule aside, these players could hold solid low-end value, or even sneak into more relevance. They could also crash and burn. Take swings with these guys, depending on your needs, maybe you’ll get lucky, and if not, you can easily move on.


Strengths: Points, Assists, Steals

Availability: 92% of Yahoo Leagues

The potential Delon would flash in limited opportunities in Toronto never seemed to work out. Now in Memphis, he receives a fresh start on a weird roster. His upside is pretty limited for now, but he can take advantage of the injury to Slo-Mo and see if something sticks. If he can get it going, some low-end points, assists, steals, and 3’s can be had.

Also Consider

Royce O’Neale (97% Availability) – Royce had notched 4 straight double-digit games heading into the all-star break. To be fair this was on some insane shooting percentages that will absolutely not be sustainable. Don’t expect too much, but he can contribute a little bit in almost every category.


These players will be your rookies, 2nd-year players, and even G-League standouts that may not have right being on your redraft squad, but depending on the depth of your dynasty league, you may want to go pick up. Some will obviously take longer, but I’m hedging my best on these guys being productive at some point over the next few seasons.


Strengths: Points, Boards, 3’s

Availability: 99% of Yahoo Leagues

I’ve talked about him here in the past and while his production has been more off than on and very uneven, the analysis remains. He’s a big that has the skills to play in the modern NBA, and even more importantly, can be very fantasy friendly. He may never stick as a full-time starter, but his combination of skills could be seen as a low-end unicorn, though he has yet to fully prove this. He also has had some questions about conditioning and work level, which can be chalked up to youth, but it is a red flag. Still, in dynasty leagues, he’s a good player to hold on your roster because the upside is there.

Also Consider

Shake Milton (100% Availability) – The trades of Shamet and Fultz opened up more opportunity for the weakest spot on Philly’s roster, shooting guard. He’s been a nonfactor this season, but in the G League he has been tearing it up. Reddick could be gone after this season and while an athletic beast, Zhaire Smith still has a raw game. Shake could find his way into the rotation and be a nice deep league player that can help in scoring and 3’s. Plus, you have to admit, Shake is a pretty sweet nickname.