Fantasy Basketball Injury Analysis: Victor Oladipo

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There is a lot for fantasy GMs to unpack when a player is injured. We need to not only understand the severity of the injury, how long they might be out, but also restrictions in their play once they return. For dynasty GMs, we need to understand how this injury may affect them long term.

We are lucky to have, Dr. Rajpal Brar on board and providing injury analysis with his medical expertise. This video is concerning Indiana Pacers Shooting Guard Victor Oladipo and his quad injury. Take a look.

Initial Notes

Understanding that a quad tear is a very rare injury sets the tone for concern. Due to its usual strength and durability because of its function, a tear seems to be worrying for the length of time for recovery, as well as the relatively difficult recovery process itself. Dr. Brar mentions the most recent quad tear belonging to Tony Parker. Parker’s recovery took about 7 months, but unfortunately he was also not his normal self for the entire season that followed.

Moving Forward

Obviously this puts Oladipo out for the remainder of the season. Any fantasy GM that had thoughts of keeping him rostered in a redraft league should let go of that pipe dream and try to salvage their season by hitting waivers or working some trades. Up until the injury, he had been putting up a solid season, though it was overall a disappointment, coming off of his first round value from the 2017-18 season. Mainly his issues surrounded a decrease in scoring, efficiency, and steals. For fantasy GMs that drafted him in 2nd, or even late 1st round, Oladipo is probably a major factor for your team’s struggles. We can just chalk this up as a lost season, and hope for a quicker than expected full recovery.

Long Term Outlook

Long term becomes tricky. While Oladipo is just beginning his prime years, this injury isn’t just an ankle sprain. While they are two players at very different points in their careers with vastly different mileage, the fact that Parker seemed to be effected by this same injury for an entire season does make you pause. If it were not for this quad tear, I think Oladipo was overrated coming into this season, but is better than his current top 50 ranking. His overall value would probably have me split the difference and put him around the top 25. Now with this injury, recovery, and period to get back to his normal self, we might not see elite Oladipo until the 2020-21 season. That’s potentially giving up a season and a half. Plus, once he returns, you never know if there will be lingering effects that will hamper him throughout his career.

Another thing to note is the attitude and drive of Oladipo, as he just seems like the kind of guy that will defy expectations and have a quicker return than expected. Still, this is a major injury to a tendon that does extremely heavy lifting and handles a lot of explosiveness, as well as helping to manage the start and stop nature of basketball. One of the categories that really made him an elite player in the 2017-18 season was his ability to rack up steals. This skill has not kept up this season, and could be severely limited moving forward. If I have him rostered in a Dynasty League, I’m definitely tempted to move him. I would gauge his value either way, because if somebody is completely unconcerned by the injury and can wait out his recovery, receiving a top 40 player who is under 30 would be tough to turn down.