Waiver Wire Wisdom: Week 16

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Fantasy Basketball Waivers can be a personal thing. The choices and strategies you make can vary greatly from one team to the next and one league from the next. These strategies are fluid and can obviously change as the season progresses.

Maybe your team needs to take a swing for the fences to push into the playoff race. Or maybe your team is on top and you have some wiggle room to take some gambles. You could be firmly in the mix and you need to a boost in 1 or 2 categories. You could have room in your dynasty squad and are looking to add an upside rookie that will pay off down the road. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Here we’ll offer up some different waiver options to consider based on some of these varying criteria. All of the players here are available in over half of Yahoo leagues.

Keep in mind that these waivers are considered potentially more long-term fixtures on your team, as opposed to the disposable streamers that heavily factor in games played to help you win your matchup for that week.


These are the guys that make you yawn as you’re adding them to your team. They may be coming off of the bench but have cemented some sort of consistent role on their respective team. They won’t add much fun factor, but their sneaky production can make a difference.


Strengths: Boards, FG%, Points

Availability: 60% of Yahoo Leagues

Since joining the ailing Rockets, Faried has stepped up more than I was expecting. With Caplea out for at least another few weeks, he should be able to carve out a very solid role for the time being. While going 3 for 8 from the line over his 2 games in Houston, he’s managed to step right in a average 12 and 7, plus combining for 6 stocks in his last one. Don’t expect the blockas and steals to continue, but he’ll be a potentail double double when he gets minutes and his FG% will be helpful.

Also Consider

DJ Augustin (56% Availability) – I’ve discussed Augustin many times on this site as he is super boring, but can be a reasonably dependable 3rd PG. The threat of a trade bringing in new blood toOrlando is concerning, but over the last week he’s averaging 16.3 points, 5.3 assists, and 2.8 3’s on good percentages. That puts him easily inside the top 100 over that span.

Jae Crowder (63% Availability) – Crowder is mainly a 3’s streamer, but he can offer some help in points and boards. Over the last week he’s been averaging 13.7 and 6.


Make way for the young guys. These players will be a lot more fun to roster, but can bring some more ups and downs. If you can stomach the ride, the potential upside is a solid way to go.


Strengths: Stocks, Boards, 3’s

Availability: 54% of Yahoo Leagues

After all of the hype, it’s been a serious letdown season for the 2nd year forward. Even as a starter, he’s failed to produce through most of the season, and it told the story of a breakout candidate being dropped in many standard leagues. The tools are there, but we have yet to see it come together for Isaac. His rebounds and stocks have been trending up recently, and his last game produced 4 3’s, which showed off his versatitlity. In the last week, he’s ranked #70 overall. He may never be more than a mid teen scorer, but seeing the counting stats develop have been a welcoming site. Isaac could easily falter, but I’m betting on Isaac providing nice value as the season progresses.

Also Consider

Mitchell Robinson (87% Availability) – With the Unikornet hurt, Kanter banished to no man’s land, and the Knicks looking like they’re ready to tank, MitchRob could see a big uptick in minutes. Look for some nice boards, blocks, and FG%.

Ante Zizic (66% Availability) – Zizic has also taken advantage of being on a tanking team that has injured big men. He won’t get counting stats like Mitchrob, but the points, boards, and FG% have been looking great.


Admittedly, many of the players that fit in this category could do double duty in the Streamers article, as they tend to be the guys you move in and out of the end of your bench. Weekly schedule aside, these players could hold solid low-end value, or even sneak into more relevance. They could also crash and burn. Take swings with these guys, depending on your needs, maybe you’ll get lucky, and if not, you can easily move on.


Strengths: 3’s, Points, FT%

Availability: 80% of Yahoo Leagues

Belinelli earns his fantasy worth through massive 3’s, amazing FT%, and some decent scoring. He won’t bring too much else, and his FG% is a detriment, but if you could use some help in those cats, he’s a good guy to pickup. In the last week he’s actually #68 overall, so don’t be shy.

Also Consider

Kevon Looney (92% Availability) – Looney has been a sneaky valuable player for the Warriors this season, providing a lot of what most people predicted Jordan Bell would do. Now with Boogie’s return, more and more people are shying away from Looney. His minutes will take an obvious hit, but he has already shown he can provide value with Cousins back. In the 3 games since Boogie’s return, Looney has averaged 7.3 boards, 2 assists, 1 blocks, and 1.3 steals. His counting stats, along with good percentages will keep his value afloat.


These players will be your rookies, 2nd-year players, and even G-League standouts that may not have right being on your redraft squad, but depending on the depth of your dynasty league, you may want to go pick up. Some will obviously take longer, but I’m hedging my best on these guys being productive at some point over the next few seasons.


Strengths:Points, 3’s

Availability: 99% of Yahoo Leagues

The Witchita State product has made a big impression so far. His ability to score and hit 3’s has transitioned well into the NBA, and he’s excelled when given the opportunity. He finds himself in a tough to decipher situation, with the likes of aging sharpshooter JJ Reddick, mercurial Jimmy Butler, and even the mysterious situation of Markelle Fultz. Add in hyper athletic, but injured rookie wing Zhaire Smith, as well as fellow young marksman Furkan Korkmez, and it all adds up to unknown territory for Shamet. Still, he has shown his upside already, and I’ll bet on his talent winning out and eventually gaining more of a role.

Also Consider

Harry Giles (95% Availability) – Giles has flashed that upside that made him so heavily recruited out of high school. He has a very fantasy-friendly game and is a great stash for dynasty leagues.

Aaron Holiday (99% Availability) – Oladipo’s injury may rush Holiday’s transition into the NBA, but he comes from a family that knows how to play at this level. He should see an increase in role, will make plenty of mistakes, but also be worth picking up in your dynasty league, and also deeper redraft leagues.

Now go make some moves and stack your team!