Fantasy Basketball Kombat Chapter 3 (III)

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Fanatasy Kombat Purpose

Player comparisons are always a great exercise in the fantasy basketball realm. We take this one step further and present our newest comparison feature: Fantasy Kombat, where we compare current players with stars of the past. We’ll examine a variety of components to help determine which player would be best for your fantasy team. Expect New Fantasy Kombat Matches every Wednesday

Kombat Rules

2 NBA Players (One Current and One Retired) will go head-to-head in Fantasy Kombat. Statistically, we’ll review their career average stats. We’ll also take their best statistical average across their career to show their maximum potential for each category (e.g. Player A averaged a career-high 20 points in 2015-16, career-high 9 rebounds in 2014-15, and career high 4 assists in 2012-13.)

Outside of statistics, this feature will also take a closer look at intangibles, career achievements, fun factor, and other components to help determine which player is victorious in Fantasy Basketball Kombat and better for your fantasy squad.

Ben Simmons Present Career Average And Best Category Season

Scottie Pippen Career Average And Best Category Season
Pippen ain’t easy

Fantasy Kombat Signatures

Ben SimmonsVSScottie Pippen
6’10 238 PoundsHeight & Weight6’8 210 Pounds
6 CatCategory Power7 Cat
FacilitatorStrengthAll Around Player
Free Throw %WeaknessFree Throw%
Big Opera FanFactNo Tippen Pippen
0-7 From behind the Arc in his CareerMoment
Dunked on Ewing

Player CompLeBron
Little On Top Mid FadeHaircutWesley Snipes Blade Cut
Not taking 3’sKnown for smack talking to spike Lee
” 76ers are to soft “Quote” I was LeBron James before LeBron James “
N/A worn HyperDunkShoe DebutNike Air Pippen 1996

Scottie Pippen –

Why Pippen was considered a sidekick? Maybe, because he was overshadowed by the greatest NBA player of all time Michael Jordan. First of all let’s key on a few factors that stands out that many fans forget. Pippen may have had the best perimeter defense of all time and his length helped him to register more steals. Another thing to keep in mind about Pippen is he didn’t need to gamble as much in the passing lanes to get the high steal rate that he did.

Sans Jordan

Most Noteworthy, which needs to also be highlighted is Scottie was a true NBA Superstar. Let’s not forget in 93-95 Scottie was the leader on the Bulls where his usage rate went up 4-5 percentage points over his career average while maintaining good efficiency, which normally does not happen to NBA players. Almost all NBA fans forgot about that while Jordan was playing baseball. As a result, Pippen became a Superstar even before Jordan came back. Most noteworthy, to consider here is that Scottie was the 7th best player of the 90’s with a 5.8 BPM Rating per possession that was 0.1 away from Shaq in Box Plus-Minus at 6th.

Fantasy Basketball Dynasty outlook
  • Top notch perimeter defender and IQ that separates Pippen from a lot of current NBA players today.  Consequently able to defend some scorers in today’s modern ERA. First of all, Pippen wasn’t the greatest Free throw percentage shooter himself, but that’s the only knock on him in his game and turnovers.
  • Let’s take a look at categories that bring out Scottie’s game. Field goal percentage, Rebounds, Assists, points, and even had averaged 1 block a game from time to time in his career.  A player that could average 1 three pointer, 1 steal, and 1 block is astonishing. Finally, Scottie Pippen’s career average is 2.0 Steals a game.

Ben Simmons –

First of all Ben Simmons Talent is undeniable and we can acknowledge that LeBron words were “He has opportunity to be better than me’.  Ben has a body structure that can get even stronger and faster, which is scary to think about. LeBron was slimmer early in his career, so imagine what Simmons physical appearance could look like in his prime.  Maybe someday Ben will be the new generational player that will be averaging Triple-doubles also at some point, which would be nice to see.

Ceiling and usage rate

While he hasn’t reached that or his peak, his ceiling still remains high at age of only 22. I’m excited to see what he can improve on because there is a small rumor of him taking 3 point attempts in the gym recently. Seems like an odd statement, but sometimes it gives fantasy GM’s something to possibly look forward to. A stat that is impressive is Simmons Usage Rate. He doesn’t need a very high usage rate to contribute in many categories that he’s already good in. As a result, Usage rate is a unique stat that shows emphasis on what a player does on the court. To give you a better idea of the formula, check out the article Written on Josh Richardson.

Fantasy Basketball Dynasty outlook
  • Top notch vision and athletic ability that would have had many past time players struggling to guard him. He plays with a certain type of aggression that many look over, but needs to be highlighted. Furthermore, opens up the opportunity for Ben to dish out the ball to open players on his team for easy buckets. As a result the Fresh Prince gives you those elite assists category in check.
  • Also Ben has underrated defense that brings in solid steals and blocks for fantasy GM’s. Most noteworthy is he doesn’t need 3 pointers in his game to be good, because his athletic ability helps him to get easy baskets. While those points he earns boosts his efficiency. Finally, Your Punting Free throw percentage with him.So that can work with other players your building with and you can learn strategies from Punt Build format here as an example.

Winner : Scottie Pippen

As some may know, I’m not a Ben Simmons guy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I chose Pippen off Bias opinion. This match up alone is essentially unfair to call, due to Simmons playing experience and his Upside is still unknown. Ben could add 3’s and Higher Free throw percentage in his arsenal throughout his career, but I’m not the GM to be patient with that.

That alone can be a game changer for my thoughts on him in fantasy, but in contrast what is tantalizing here is Pippen’s elite steal rate of 2.9 Sans Jordan 93-95 Seasons. Hence without the Goat in his way, Scottie would have been a man among boys on any other team. Fast Pace is today’s game and it would be nice to see Scottie and Simmons matching up against each other in real life in respected primes. Maybe it’s more of a preference here, but I’m on the Scottie Pippen Train.

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Comic Issue #3

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