Fantasy Basketball Kombat Chapter II

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King James VS Black Mamba

Fantasy Kombat Purpose

Player comparisons are always a great exercise in the fantasy basketball realm. We take this one step further and present our newest comparison feature: Fantasy Kombat, where we compare current players with stars of the past. We’ll examine a variety of components to help determine which player would be best for your fantasy team. Expect New Fantasy Kombat Matches every Wednesday

Kombat Rules

2 NBA Players (One Current and One Retired) will go head-to-head in Fantasy Kombat. Statistically, we’ll review their career average stats. We’ll also take their best statistical average across their career to show their maximum potential for each category (e.g. Player A averaged a career-high 20 points in 2015-16, career-high 9 rebounds in 2014-15, and career high 4 assists in 2012-13.)

Outside of statistics, this feature will also take a closer look at intangibles, career achievements, fun factor, and other components to help determine which player is victorious in Fantasy Kombat and better for your fantasy squad.

Kobe vs Lebron

LeBron Present Career Average And Best Category season


Kobe Career Average And Best Category Season


Fantasy Kombat Signatures

LeBron JamesVSKobe Bryant
6’8 250 Poundsmeasurable6’6 212 Pounds
7 Cat
Category Power
5 Cat
The BlockMomentNo Flinch inbound pass
Magic JohnsonPlayer CompMicahel Jordan
Spray in Low cutHaircutKobe Fro Pull Back & Bald
Championship to Cleveland
Known for

81 Point Game
“Ohio, is my home”
“I only want to be Kobe Bryant”
LeBron I 2003
Shoe Debut
KB8 1997

Kobe –

Kobe has the Killer instinct Mentality. We enjoy the competitiveness in him that many NBA Players lack in today’s game. It doesn’t work for all players, but it’s the edge and drive we appreciate he has. His Style mirrors Michael Jordan on movement and craftiness. Kobe has never been shaken by NBA players or taking Final Shot. He has always embraced it. Shaq said he wouldn’t win another Title without him, but Mamba proved him wrong. Bryant has never gone to a different team in his Career and that is special that many players have not done in today’s game.

Black Mamba was one of the best players creating his own shot and has a high IQ. Kobe makes very difficult shots without his feet being set and has a strong knack to get the Free throw line at a high rate. His post game is top notch above most players in NBA. He was a Strong finisher to the hoop and his fade away game is above most. His Defense was also his strong suit.

Lebron –

He has evolved over the years to take more clutch shots and has had more of an instinct most NBA fans been hoping for. He did not start that way in the beginning of his career. Very passive at times where he didn’t want to take the responsibility of taking the final shot. His heart has been questioned, but that doesn’t translate in Fantasy because he holds seldom amount of weaknesses.

Athleticism and skills separates him from a lot of current and past NBA players. He has aged well working on his post game over the years and knows how to rest during games on the court. IQ is one of the best ever in the game. It’s scary when he’s on a full head of steam with the Tight end body he has coming towards opponents. His passing ability is very underrated and he has changed the NBA culture on his own.

Winner: LeBron James

This is an easy call here for me for fantasy purposes. LeBron is the fantasy player to have. He has just about everything a fantasy GM’s desires. Although something that holds him back a little bit is his FT% and Turnovers. Therefore, that doesn’t make him the perfect Fantasy Player. He’s Very Durable and reliable in fantasy. His out of position eligibility gives him another boost in fantasy for a SF/PF that gets solid assists. Whoever thought we would see LeBron wearing Purple and Gold? In conclusion, He will always be compared to Michael Jordan, but maybe one day we’ll see a Fantasy Kombat match to determine who’s better for fantasy basketball.

Who will be on Fantasy Kombat III for next Wednesday ? Reach out to me and I might put it together for you.

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