Waiver Wire: Week 13

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Fantasy Basketball Waivers can be a personal thing. The choices and strategies you make can vary greatly from one team to the next and one league from the next. These strategies are fluid and can obviously change as the season progresses. Maybe your team needs to take a swing for the fences to push into the playoff race. Or maybe your team is on top and you have some wiggle room to take some gambles. You could be firmly in the mix and you need to a boost in 1 or 2 categories. You could have room in your dynasty squad and are looking to add an upside rookie that will pay off down the road. I could go on, but you get the idea. Here we’ll offer up some different waiver options to consider based on some of these varying criteria.

Keep in mind that these waivers are considered potentially more long-term fixtures on your team, as opposed to the disposable streamers that heavily factor in games played to help you win your matchup for that week.

Boring Old Guys

These are the guys that make you yawn as you’re adding them to your team. They may be coming off of the bench but have cemented some sort of consistent role on their respective team. They won’t add much fun factor, but their sneaky production can make a difference.


Strengths: 3’s, Percentages, Some Boards and Assists

Availability: 70% of Yahoo Leagues

Green is the epitome of the boring old player that seems to contribute a little in every category. He’s a solid pickup with Markieff out for the foseeable future. The 3’s and percentages can be a nice boost and he does have the ability to board and dish. Also, he doesnt really hurt you anywhere, so you can plug him into any squad and feel solid about it. Over the last 2 weeks he’s #61 in overall value for standard 9 cat leagues.

Also Consider

DJ Augustin (#55 Over the last 2 weeks)

Nemanja Bjelica (#76 Over the last 2 weeks)

Youth Movement

Make way for the young guys. These players will be a lot more fun to roster, but can bring some more ups and downs. If you can stomach the ride, the potential upside is a solid way to go.


Strengths: Percentages, Stocks

Availability: 66% of Yahoo Leagues

Off of the strength of really nice blocks, steals, and efficiency, Derrick White has snuck back on the scene in a big way. After an injury, then disasterous re-entry to the court, he has really cranked it up over his last 7 games to the tune of being the #28 overal fantasy player in standard leagues during that period. Some would say he’s white hot, but I have more respect for you than to do that. Either way, after being on a ton of experts’ breakout lists, he seems to finally be finding his role and getting comfortable. Those stocks will come down. But top 100 production the rest of the way should be easy.

Also Consider

Thomas Bryant (Getting full run with Dwight out. He’s bringing points, boards, and insane percentages)

Kevin Huerter (So much burn and great for points, 3’s and a few counting stats)

End of Roster Filler

Admittedly, many of the players that fit in this category could do double duty in the Streamers article, as they tend to be the guys you move in and out of the ned of your bench. Weekly schedule aside, these players could hold solid low-end value, or even sneak into more relevance.They could also crash and burn. Take swings with these guys, depending on your needs, maybe you’ll get lucky, and if not, you can easily move on.


Strengths: Points, 3’s, Assists

Availability: 73% of Yahoo Leagues

I think many of us remember Kornet poppin up out of nowhere last February and then actually producing interesting stats (1.8 3’s and 0.8 blocks) over the final month of the season. Thus the Unikornet name was born, and it is halfway fitting. He’s still a defensive liability on the floor, but so far this season, in a very small sample size, this has improved. He’s obviously red hot at the moment and may end up being more of a Streamer than a full on Waiver pickup, but the line is blurred with these types of players. Ride him while he’s hot and see what happens.

Also Consider

Willy Hernangomez (Opportunity with Cody hurt. He can provide points and boards, but may not get a full starter’s role.)

Kevon Looney (He’s been the best of a weak group of Centers in GS this season, but will have issues when DMC returns. For now he can provide a few points and boards and good FG%.)

Daniel House (Showed off a solid all-around game in the G League before being forced into a role for the depleted Rockets. He’s showing some nice promise and can get you points and 3’s on nice percentages.)

Alex Len (He’s been playing well of late, even with the return of Dedmon. If you need points, boards, and blocks, you could do worse.)


These players will be your rookies, 2nd year players, and even G-League standouts that may not have right being on your redraft squad, but depending on the depth of your dynasty league, you may want to go pickup. Some will obviously take longer, but I’m hedging my bets on these guys being productive at some point over the next few seasons.


Strengths: Boards, Stocks

Availability: 99% of Yahoo Leagues

Now the availability will obviously be different in dynasty leagues, but Okogie has been flying enough under the radar to be a bit of a forgotten man in Minnestoa (edit: with RoCo now out, his availability will be dropping). To be fair, rookies and young players almost never get much of a chance playing under Thibs. On the plus side, maybe Minnesota misses the playoffs again and finally decides a change is needed. There’s a serious market for 3 and D wings, and Okogie looks to really fit that mold. With a role change next season, he could be a triple one producer and nice young asset for your dynasty squad.

Also Consider

Dzanan Musa (He’s been overshadowed by the play of Kurucs, but Musa may have a higher ceiling as a do-it-all guard with a nice offensive game and some serious swagger.)

Anfernee Simons (Obviously he won’t be relevant for a while with Dame and CJ running things, but if one were ever to leave, it would open things up for this raw but talented scoring guard with a nice ceiling.)