Fantasy Basketball Kombat Chapter 1 (I)

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Uncle Drew Vs The Answer

Fantasy Kombat Purpose

Player comparisons are always a great exercise in the fantasy basketball realm. We take this one step further and present our newest comparison feature: Fantasy Kombat, where we compare current players with stars of the past. We’ll examine a variety of components to help determine which player would be best for your fantasy team. Expect New Fantasy Kombat Matches every Wednesday

Kombat Rules

2 NBA Players (One Current and One Retired) will go head-to-head in Fantasy Kombat. Statistically, we’ll review their career average stats. We’ll also take their best statistical average across their career to show their maximum potential for each category (e.g. Player A averaged a career-high 20 points in 2015-16, career-high 9 rebounds in 2014-15, and career high 4 assists in 2012-13.)

Outside of statistics, this feature will also take a closer look at intangibles, career achievements, fun factor, and other components to help determine which player is victorious in Fantasy Kombat and better for your fantasy squad.

Kyrie Present Career Average And Best Category season

Iverson Career Average And Best Category Season

Fantasy Kombat Signatures

Kyrie IrvingVSAllen Iverson
6’3 192 PoundsMeasurable6’0 165 Pounds
6 Cat
Category Power
5 Cat
Efficient PG/SG StrengthsHigh Usage Rate
Braids Trend Setter
Clutch Shot On CurryMomentLegendary Jordan Crossover
Uncle DrewFILMLike Mike
Single ” Ridiculous “SongSingle ” 40 Bars “
HandlesKnown for
“Earth is Flat”Quote“We’re Talking About Practice”
Nike Kyrie 1 2014Shoe DebutReebok Question 1996

Winner: Allen Iverson

Both players had a strong case of who would be a better fit for your fantasy squad and overall. The efficient play of Kyrie was hard to shy away from, but the Fatality here goes to Iverson’s High steal rate. His career-high 2.8 steals in 2001 was the difference maker. The NBA is more fast paced than it was back then, imagine him in his prime during this generation. With his speed, ahleticism, instincts, and intelligence, AI could have had seasons averaging 3 or more Steals. Elite steal rate is a rare commodity and carries a lot of weight for Fantasy GM’s.

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