Top Fantasy Basketball Streamers: Week 12

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Let’s cover some streaming options for week 12 of the fantasy basketball season, December 31st-January 6th. Note: The ultimate goal of streaming is to maximize the number of games played by players who can help you win closely contested categories.

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RankNameTeamPosGamesQ. GamesY! Own
1Terrence RossORLSG/SF40 32%
2Mikal BridgesPHOSG/SF40 24%
3Cody ZellerCHAPF/C40 28%
4Wesley MatthewsDALSG/SF40 41%
5D.J. AugustinORLPG40 39%
6Tomas SatoranskyWASPG/SG30 39%
7Kevin HuerterATLSG40 9%
8Jeremy LinATLPG/SG40 10%
9JaMychal GreenMEMPF/C40 17%
10Nerlens NoelOKCPF/C40 12%
11Taj GibsonMINPF/C40 46%
12Garrett TempleMEMSG/SF40 23%
13Jeff GreenWASSF/PF30 25%
14Thomas BryantWASC30 29%
15Monte MorrisDENPG32 41%
16Juan HernangomezDENSF/PF32 36%
17Richaun HolmesPHOPF/C40 16%
18De’Anthony MeltonPHOPG/SG40 3%
19James JohnsonMIASF/PF30 31%
20Moe HarklessPORSF31 6%

Context and a tip:

  • These rankings are based on 9-category formats & all players are available in at least 50% of Yahoo! leagues.
  • “Q. Games” stands for quality games. That means games played on a day with a light NBA schedule, typically 5 games or less.
  • Follow injury news closely throughout the week and stream players who get unexpected opportunities. Injuries and rotation changes can significantly alter the streaming landscape.
RankNameTeamPosGamesQ. GamesY! Own
1Wesley MatthewsDALSG/SF40 41%
2JaMychal GreenMEMPF/C40 17%
3Garrett TempleMEMSG/SF40 23%
4Terrence RossORLSG/SF30 32%
5Monte MorrisDENPG32 41%
6Juan HernangomezDENSF/PF32 36%
7Mikal BridgesPHOSG/SF30 24%
8Marcus SmartBOSPG/SG30 37%
9Moe HarklessPORSF31 6%
10Cody ZellerCHAPF/C30 28%
11Reggie BullockDETSG/SF31 22%
12J.J. BareaDALPG/SG40 19%
13Kevin HuerterATLSG30 9%
14E’Twaun MooreNORSG/SF30 28%
15Iman ShumpertSACSG/SF32 14%
16D.J. AugustinORLPG30 39%
17P.J. TuckerHOUSF/PF31 42%
18Derrick WhiteSASPG31 13%
19Jeremy LinATLPG/SG30 10%
20Mason PlumleeDENPF/C32 16%

More context and tips:

  • Why Monday-Saturday streamers? To maximize the number of games played by “weekly” streamers while also affording you roster flexibility for additional moves on Sunday, depending on what categories are close. Or, if your matchup is already decided by Sunday, you can proactively acquire players for next week, both conserving roster moves and giving you first dibs on streamers.
  • Hold the following streamer if he’s on your roster: Tomas Satoransky. And I’m giving longer leashes to Mikal Bridges, Marcus Smart, & Derrick White.
  • Consider a consolidation trade if your streamers get too good to drop and cramp your streaming. Sometimes you’ll be too deep to roster every serviceable player and will have to cut bait. It happens. But when you can, first attempt to extract some value by trading more players for fewer players, so long as you’re clearly getting the best player(s) in return. Someone recently tweeted me about a THJ + Lou Williams for Marc Gasol deal (they got Gasol). That is a great example of a consolidation trade.
  • Stash quality injured players if you have an IR spot. Injuries make fantasy managers nervous, often leading them to drop players they shouldn’t. If you have the small luxury of an IR spot, stash any player who could become fantasy-relevant at some point this season. Bogdan Bogdanovic was an injury stash to start the year, and now he looks like a top-80 player at worst. Others to monitor:
    • Caris LeVert is now under 50% ownership. Check his availability in your league.
    • Same goes for Kristaps Porzingis, Elfrid Payton, & Mitchell Robinson. Why not take a flier?

Other helpful streaming resources:

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