Review: What Does De’Aaron Fox Say?

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Prior to the 2017-18 season, I made a prediction that De’Aaron Fox would be better than Markelle Fultz and I thought that this could stick moving forward in Dynasty Leagues. So far in his 2nd season, this call has held up with Fox proving many experts wrong. Let’s examine

Decreased Value

Fox’s value plummeted for many reasons going into this years fantasy draft. In his rookie season he repaid fantasy GMs with a final player ranking of #286, providing negative contributions in all areas except for assists. Rotation minutes were getting tampered with and minutes were not consistent. When compared with the likes of fellow rookies Ball and Donovan Mitchell, it was obvious that his perceived value heading into his 2nd season would regress. He went as low as the 100-120 in Redraft and 80-100 in Dynasty Leagues, which in a hindsight is a steal, but at the time appeared to be based off people fading from Fox.

Infrastructure Handicapping

One of the roots of Fox’s perceived low value can be placed on the Sacramento Kings, who have not been a good organization for several years. This poorly run team managed to hurt the fantasy value of the entire roster, leaving most fantasy GM’s to ignore players until they become an obvious value.

Combination of uneven coaching from Dave Joeger (and prior coaching musical chairs), the completely awful talent evaluation and player management from GM Vlade Divac, and the inept ownership from Vivek Ranadive has created a joke of a franchise and a draft-if-you-dare scenario for most fantasy GM’s. The organization is not to blame for all of his inconsistencies last year, but their poor decisions certainly had an hand in it. So why have Fox and the Kings been a surprise this year ?

Early Season Success

Kings have been running a fast Pace offense this season and Fox has been in the driver’s seat. NBA has Sacramento within the top 3 in fast pace offense. This Offense is bringing additional stats for fantasy GM’s that invested in players in Sacramento. This is finally something to get excited for. Fox has already dropped a huge triple double of 30 points, 10 Rebounds, and 15 assists. Dave Joerger, called Fox the Kings’ “franchise guy.”

Fox vs. Ball

Heated debate between Lonzo Ball vs De’Aaron Fox has followed both players through their brief careers. Many forgot that it was Fox giving Ball a rough time in college. Another game they had scheduled to play each other Ball was nowhere to be found against Fox. The career Player Efficiency Rating below proves another point here. Keep in mind the NBA league average is 15. I’m not saying Ball will never be a good player, but Fox is the Guy to have in Fantasy.

FOX per Eyes of a Fantasy GM

Make sure you pay attention to all aspects in fantasy. One general rule is to pay attention to players other GM’s are souring on. When a player doesn’t finish well the previous season, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will repeat the following year. It’s about looking for bargains and being aggressive on certain upside players like Fox here. His ceiling can be a top 25 player quickly. If he doesn’t finish top 50 this year, he will for sure next year.

Starks Guy 3 Year Projections

  • 2018 Top 55
  • 2019 Top 45
  • 2020 Top 25
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