Top Fantasy Basketball Streamers: Week 5

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@BasketBlogBoy here. First-time blogger, long time streamer. Fantasy Unicorns has invited me to write a weekly blog on streaming and I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts.

My approach to streaming — and this is primarily for H2H category leagues — is to maximize the number of games played by players who can help you win categories that are going to be closely contested.

All sorts of constraints can change your approach and your ability to stream — daily versus weekly lineup changes, weekly acquisition limits, the depth of your team, and the closeness and importance of your matchup. You’ll have to consider these constraints in constructing the optimal streaming strategy for your team.

I’m going to cover some specific players and general approaches for the week of November 12th. For daily streaming recommendations, follow me on Twitter and Instagram @BasketBlogBoy. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to cover in next week’s post.

Top 20 Streamers:

RankNameTeamPosGamesQ. GamesY! Own
1Derrick WhiteSASG4226%
2Terrence RossORLG/F4115%
3Gary ClarkHOUF322%
4Fred VanVleetTORG4048%
5E’Twaun MooreNORG/F4038%
6Kelly Oubre Jr.WASF4143%
7Ryan ArcidiaconoCHIG402%
8D.J. AugustinORLG4141%
9Garrett TempleMEMG/F4117%
10Justise WinslowMIAF4130%
11Kevon LooneyGSWF/C533%
12Al-Farouq AminuPORF3137%
13T.J. WarrenPHOF3049%
14Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderLACG3122%
15Andre IguodalaGSWG/F535%
16P.J. TuckerHOUF3235%
17O.G. AnunobyTORF404%
18Monte MorrisDENG324%
19Juan HernangomezDENF322%
20Jerian GrantORLG412%
Here’s some context for the ranks:
  • These streamers are available in over 50% of Yahoo! leagues.
  • Injuries and other rotation changes can significantly alter the streaming landscape. For instance, if Steph Curry remains out for multiple games next week, Quinn Cook may be the top streamer. Not only was Cook a top-70 fantasy player when Curry was out last year, but the Warriors play 5 (!) games next week.
  • “Q. Games” stands for quality games. That means games played on a day with a light schedule, typically 5 NBA games or less.
If you’re in a league with weekly rosters, the overall top 20 streamers may be all the help you need. However, leagues that allow daily roster changes may benefit from a more involved streaming strategy. A streaming approach I’ve taken in leagues with limited weekly acquisitions is:
  • Start picking up streamers on the Sunday before your matchup (depending on how the previous matchup is going) to conserve acquisitions for the week ahead.
  • Pick up the top Monday-Saturday streamers to maximize games played by “weekly” streamers, while also allowing roster flexibility for additional moves the following Sunday depending on what categories are close.
  • Pick up streamers with back-to-back sets to maximize games played and minimize acquisitions during the week.

Top 20 Monday-Saturday Streamers:

RankNameTeamPosGamesQ. GamesY! Own
1Gary ClarkHOUF322%
2Derrick WhiteSASG3126%
3Fred VanVleetTORG4048%
4E’Twaun MooreNORG/F4038%
5Ryan ArcidiaconoCHIG402%
6T.J. WarrenPHOF3049%
7Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderLACG3122%
8P.J. TuckerHOUF3235%
9O.G. AnunobyTORF404%
10Terrence RossORLG/F3015%
11Juan HernangomezDENF322%
12Monte MorrisDENG324%
13Wesley JohnsonNORG/F400%
14Patrick BeverleyLACG3119%
15Garrett TempleMEMG/F3017%
16Wilson ChandlerPHIG/F402%
17Nerlens NoelOKCF/C3013%
18Kelly Oubre Jr.WASF3043%
19Kevon LooneyGSWF/C423%
20Delon WrightTORG403%

If Shai Gilgeous-Alexander or Derrick White are available in your league, you should pick them up immediately (in that order). Shai is likely going to keep his starting job even when Avery Bradley returns from injury and has a great rest of season outlook. Derrick White already has the starting job in San Antonio. T.J. Warren may also be worth holding onto. The other players are churnable.

Injuries and rotations with streaming implications to watch next week:

  • Steph Curry (stream Quinn Cook)
  • Draymond Green (stream Jordan Bell)
  • Sixers and Timberwolves rotations before and after the traded players join the rotation (look at T.J. McConnell on Saturday)

Other helpful streaming resources:

Please share your feedback with me on Twitter or Instagram @BasketBlogBoy. Rather have this article on Sunday than Monday? Want ranks by position or specific categories or something else? Let me know.

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