DF Corner – November 7, 2018

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Here is a quick look at today’s slate:


Cash Game Targets

When looking at cash game players I will be looking at guys that have high floors, whether it is matchup driven or price driven, these players will help you make that cash line in Double Ups and H2Hs.  Cash Game Targets can also be used in Gpp lineups to anchor down your core.




Kyle Lowry88008900
Lowry had 18 double digit assist games in all of last season (I did a quick count please don’t @ me if I’m way off).  This year he has 9 consecutive games with double digit assists.  Kings are 24th in DVP vs PG’s.  This is the 2nd highest total of the day.  I’m sure Lowry will be popular but its within reason.
Cameron Payne44004000
Back to the well with PG’s vs the Pelicans.  Payne could be Chump Charity as he’s so cheap.  He will see 25+ mins.  Elf might be back tonight for the Pelicans, if that’s the case I may take a look at him as he is only 6900, but I think Payne is in play either way.


Dennis Schroder64006900
Westbrook’s backup PG is still listed as a SG on FD.  Guess we will use it to our advantage.  Cavs are 28th vs the SG position (haha, sorry bad joke), okay so seriously, they are in the bottom 1/3rd in points given up to PG’s.  Schroder should be about 7500 when Westbrook misses, and has been riding a bit of scoring streak his last 3 games averaging 19.7 pts/g in that span.  I will be all over Schroder tonight in all formats.
Jimmy Butler92008200
I’ve faded Butler in cash every game this season. My gut says he plays but I have no inside information so it’s a bit of a risk on a site like FanDuel (Insert FanDuel rep saying this is why we made the new rule, so if you get a late scratch it will just be……)  Anyways, back to the why, the Lakers are dead last in DVP vs SG’s.  Jimmy already has 1 50-burger under his belt this season in this matchup, and this game is the highest total of the day.
SFLebron James1120011000
Lowest price point of the season for Lebron.  This game should stay close and come in at or above its total.  I’m not saying Lebron is a must but if we can find the value, get him in.  Lebron put up 60 fpts @Min on 10/29.  I think he can match it.
Harrison Barnes51005300
Coming off a 19/13 game vs the Wizards last night.  The Jazz defend the wing well but Barnes is underpriced, even for the matchup.  We won’t get the 40-fpt game we had last night from him but I think 27 is plenty for 5100.
PFBrandon Ingram59005700
High Total, matchup is decent, and already played well in this spot before.  I do apologize for being repetitive here.  Ingram is going to see 30+ minutes and had a major price drop.  Let’s take advantage now before it goes back up.
Dario Saric47004800
Super Dario has done nothing but disappoint me this season.  I’m going to give him another shot now that Muscala broke his nose.  (rumor has it that the Croatian mob was behind it).  I don’t blame you if you don’t want to roll the dice in Cash here but the minutes and opportunity are there and he’s dirt cheap.
CKarl Anthony-Towns94008800
KAT’s price is back on the rise.  He’s been much better recently and has been filling out the stat sheet with Blocks/Steals too.  It might be a bit of a risk to cram in this much exposure to one game for cash but if I plan to build most of my lineups around a core of this Wolves/Lakers game.




GPP/Tournament Targets

Players that have high ceilings and are a little more on the risky side.



Lonzo Ball5700 5200
Lonzo tends to play well in streaks.  He had a nice game against Toronto in 23 minutes. Tonight’s matchup with the Wolves is a great opportunity to start another run of 30 pt fantasy games for Lonzo.  He’s a pivot off of Rose tonight.


Tim Hardaway Jr.7500 7800
Similar to last night there are more expensive guys that are in decent spots but I’d rather take a chance on someone with a similar ceiling at a price discount.  THJ is my CJ MC of tonight.  I would think if he plays he will get his full run of minutes.
Justin Holiday5200 4700
Gut call, Holiday has cemented himself as a big minute guy for the Bulls.  He’s been consistently in the 20 fpts range and has the potential to get hot and hit the 30-40 fpt range.  I think I’ll take a flyer on him tonight.
SFTaurean Prince6800 5900
Great spot for Prince, but he’s coming off of injury so  there is some risk involved.  I will more than likely be playing Lebron/Barnes/Bertes/Juancho everywhere though.
PFAnthony Davis11800 11500
The safe elite play tonight is Lebron, add that into AD’s recent struggles and Blake Griffins recent hot streak and I think you get AD at a sub 15% ownership tonight.  Rotogrinders has his pOWN% at 30 but I don’t believe it.  This a great spot for AD to smash, I will be sure to have exposure tonight.
Blake Griffin9600 9900
I’ve pretty much ignored Blake this year, which I admit has been a mistake.  He’s only scored under 40 fpts once this season and that was against the Celtics where he went 2/13 from the field.  Blake is about as good as a lock as they come. I will probably once again be light on him tonight.  Call it a preference or maybe a bias, either way, feel free to plug him in where he fits.
CNikola Vucevic8800 8400
The matchup here for Vuc is better than one might think.  Pistons are in the bottom 5 for DVP against Centers.  Vucevic has put up big numbers vs Drummond in the past.  Vuc is a nice pivot off of KAT tonight.


Chump Charity

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘Chump’ these are value plays that you can slide into your lineup to help you relieve salary to pay up for some Studs.

SGAlex Abrines3800 3500
Should see 24+ minutes.
SFDavis Bertans3500 3200
Paul Gasol is out, and so is Rudy Gay.  I would expect Bertans to draw a start here as he started their last game too.  There was a stretch last year that Bertans was an auto play.  So he has shown that he can put up 20 fpts.
PFKevin Knox3900 3800
Started the season getting 20+ mins a game.  The Knicks have switched things up since then though.  He’s a risk play but if we hear anything where Knox will get extended run I would get him in as your punt play tonight.
CMason Plumlee3700 3700
Not a great matchup vs the Grizzles but Plumlee should see 17-20 minutes tonight.


Final Thoughts:

My player suggestions are pretty limited tonight.  There really are a lot of ways to go tonight but my preference is to attack the late game tonight. I will more than likely have 2-5 players in all my lineups from that game.

My first lineup construction started with Lebron, then I had to decide between Jimmy and Kat, which could really make or break my lineup.  I went with KAT tonight as I can see this being a night where he has a 20/20 game. Again, I absolutely am in love with Kyle Lowry right now with or without Kawhi.  Finished off my core with Schroder, then locked in my value plays of Cameron Payne and Super Dario.  This left me with 14,900 to fill out my SG2, SF2, and PF2.  There are so many ways to go here, as I am juggling between punting with Bertans at SF and am really wondering what 6k PF I want to play.  I think I will head over to an optimizer and lock in what I have to try to figure out those last 3 spots.

Good luck to everyone tonight!

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