DFS Corner – October 26, 2018

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Here is a quick look at today’s slate:



Initial Thoughts:

The Rockets/Clippers game seems a bit low.  Slate looks appears to be pretty balanced over all from first glance.  The Bucks/Wolves game looks juicy with a 234 total and a 1.5pt spread, might be a gpp game to attack.

Cash Game Targets

When looking at cash game players I will be looking at guys that have high floors, whether it is matchup driven or price driven, these players will help you make that cash line in Double Ups and H2Hs.  Cash Game Targets can also be used in Gpp lineups to anchor down your core.




Chris Paul97009200
I now realize why the Houston total is so low, not sure how I forgot Harden is out for 2 games.  In 9 games without Harden, CP3 takes his FD fpts/game average from 39 to 47.  Paul is priced up a bit because of Harden’s absence but I will still be locking him in my cash lineup tonight.  CP3 is my LOCK OF THE NIGHT!
Kemba Walker85008200
Kemba is a guy I don’t necessarily target in cash but so far, this season he has played with much more consistency.  Earlier in the year I brought up the pace uptick for the Hornets and Kemba is riding that to a 44.8 fpts per game thus far.


Eric Gordon65006100
I’m going to be all over some Rockets tonight and it will just be a matter of figuring out which ones to play. Gordon has struggled a bit this season but his stats without Harden are hard to ignore.  He goes from a modest 24.4 FD pts to 37.3 pts/game, the sample size here is 10 games.  I think it’s okay to play both CP3/Gordon together but I think you HAVE to have at least 1 of them in your lineup tonight.
Jimmy Butler94008600
I’ve been ignoring Butler so far this season with all the trade drama.  I’ll admit that has been a mistake.  I’m going to fix that tonight.  If Wiggins is out I will either have Butler or Okogie in my cash lineup tonight.  I’m okay with Butler if Wiggins plays as well as I want exposure to the Bucks/Wolves matchup.  In gpps I’m probably fading Butler and going with KAT.  ***Please Monitor Jimmy’s status, if he plays he’s fine, if he’s out get yourself some Okogie.***
SFJabari Parker70005500
Portis is out for an extended period.  I think Parker is going to get a lot of minutes and play multiple positions tonight.  This is more of a DK play as he’s much cheaper there but he’s viable on FD as well.
Nikola Mirotic75007400
Nets are rated last vs giving up fantasy points to the SF position, they play at a faster pace then the Pelicans, and this game has a 230+ total.  Mirotic is a cheaper option to get exposure to this game then going with Jrue and AD.
PFMarkieff Morris55005600
The total of this game keeps sneaking up. The Kings are ranked 27th and the worst on the slate at points given up to PFs.   At 5500 Morris is a nice value play and I think he is a lock to get the 30 fpts tonight.
Anthony Davis1300011600
Davis is the highest priced player and with that has the highest floor.  This is a elite matchup for Davis.  Similar to last night with Lebron, you will have to start with whether you want to Davis or not to Davis.  With the new ‘drop a player’ rules on FD it almost makes sense to cram Davis in.  I will find out soon how my roster looks but I’m leaning towards the fade in cash and some exposure in Gpps.
CJarrett Allen64005700
Allen had a bad game vs the Pacers which has thankfully kept his price down.  I think FD would have him over 7k if it wasn’t for this 10 fpt outing.  Extreme pace matchup tonight vs the 28th ranked team in points given up to Centers.




GPP/Tournament Targets

Players that have high ceilings and are a little more on the risky side.



Eric Bledsoe76006600
I want exposure to this Bucks/Wolves game, especially in gpps.  If Butler ends up out for trade reasons then I may look elsewhere but my 3 favorite games to target are this one, Nets/Pelicans and Rockets/Clippers.  It’s going to be hard to get Giannis in lineups so the next best thing is to get Bledsoe/Middleton.
Elfrid Payton74006700
Elf has been solid thus far this season.  I’m going to get annoying as I’m going to repeat myself a ton in this blog.  Since you already know why I like Elf at this point I’ll save you the reading.


Bradley Beal83007600
Beal let me down the other night but in all reality, he had 35 fpts in 3 quarters.  That’s not Curry/Durant numbers but it’s still pretty good.  I will more than likely go to guys like Jrue or Levert tonight but Beal deserves just as much attention as they do.
Lou Williams53005100
I have many positive memories of laying in bed spooning my phone with late night exposure to Lou Will…. those were the days.  Anyways, maybe I’m just trying to make it happen again… Lou is due and you’re going to want some exposure when IT happens.
SFCarmelo Anthony64004700
A friend of mine referenced playing Melo tonight in a lineup and I told him there’s no way I’m doing it…. look if you want to Melo you can, he’s fine to take a chance on.  It makes just as much sense.  I will more than likely drop down to Gerald Green over Melo though. (By the way this friend told me he felt the same way about Kyrie, needless to say we aren’t friends anymore)
E’Twaun Moore46004300
See above…. all about exposure….
PFMontrezl Harrell54004600
Harrell got a price bump.  I was on him a game or 2 too early.  What he’s done the last 2 is what I expect from him throughout this season.  He put up 43.5 fpts 2 games ago vs Houston.  I don’t expect similar results but I can see where he could crack 30.
Tobias Harris77007300
Tobias is dynamic.  I sometimes forget about him because he isn’t the most exciting player.  He doesn’t really have slate breaking capabilities but he’s very dependable.
If Towns can’t bounce back tonight I am going to become very worried about him.  If Wiggins and Butler both sit, Towns becomes an elite play in all formats.  Please KAT don’t let me down!


Chump Charity

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘Chump’ these are value plays that you can slide into your lineup to help you relieve salary to pay up for some Studs.

SGJosh Okogie42004100
If Wiggins is out he’s viable and if both Butler and Wiggins are out he’s borderline must play.
Austin Rivers37003700
Rivers has been terrible but he’s cheap and he gets minutes.  He’s bound to get to that 25-30 fpt night one of these days.
SFGerald Green37003400
Cheap and averages 26.2 fdpts without James Harden…I know I’m on repeat today.
Justin Jackson40003600
Drew the start last game and got 37 minutes.  Might not see that much run if not in starting lineup but he’s punt viable.
PFJohn Henson37003600
Henson’s price point makes him a nice punt option tonight.  I’ve talked about Wolves poor rebounding skills previously.  In 5 games vs KAT Henson has averaged 21 FD fpts/game.
CEd Davis36003700
Davis has been a center punt for me all season.  He strives in high pace games.  He also already has 3 20+ fpt games under his belt this season.  Tonight he adds a 4th….


Final Thoughts:

I’m really planning on treating tonight’s slate as a 3-game slate. I want a lot of exposure from the 3 games I’ve talked about.  As far as initial roster construction goes, I started with CP3/Gordon/Mirotic/Morris/Allen.  At this point I don’t really know Jimmy/Wiggins status so I decided to with Okogie at SG2, which allowed me to get Kemba as my 2nd PG.  This gave 11,700 left for my SF2 and PF2 spots.  For as much as I would love to go Wendall Carter Jr at PF2 I have enough salary to get up to Tobias at 7700 and then use a value SF play, since I like both of my suggestions I felt like either is a fine play here.

Good Luck to everyone tonight!

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