DFS Corner – October 25, 2018

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A quick look at today’s slate:



Initial Thoughts:

The Nuggets/Lakers game is going to be super juicy.  I also think the Celtics/Thunder game can provide some fantasy goodness as well.  Overall not a bad slate for a 4 gamer, and with it being a smaller slate I will only be doing a Targets/Value breakdown today.






D.J. Augustin45004700
There are a handful of really good plays today at PG.  Westbrook looks real enticing at 12500 but I’m not ready to pay that much for him yet.  Dame is in a nice spot vs Orlando and you know my love for Kyrie.  So why Agustin, you ask? There is a chance Augustin goes a little unnoticed tonight so we can get a starting PG at a great price and low ownership.  D.J. has put up an average of 25 fpts in his last 2 starts, while shooting an awful 25% from the field.  If he can get that shooting % up a little bit we are looking at 6-7X value returns.


Gary Harris71006500
I want guard exposure to the Denver side.  I think I prefer Gary over Jamal here and especially since Barton is sidelined with an injury.  Gary saw an increase in usage against the Warriors and put up a modest 31 Fpts in a blowout win over the Kings in limited minutes.  I’m playing mostly gpp’s today so will more than likely have at least 1 of Gary/Jamal in every lineup, with most of that exposure going to Harris.  Gary is my LOCK OF THE NIGHT!!
Jaylen Brown50005100
Those of you that have been reading my blog posts should know by now when I see price points that I feel are low I will take a stab at it.  Brown does not have a lot of USG but has put up numbers in a hurry before.  I’m making an assumption that Brown will guard Westbrook tonight which means he will be on the floor a lot tonight.  Again, I don’t play cash on small slates and feel like Brown is a tournament play only.
SFLebron James1200010700
I would say this slate starts with the Lebron decision.  I’m writing him up just so I can talk about him as I know it’s a pretty obvious target.  I have yet to make a lineup yet as I like to do my data collecting and analyzing then do a lineup and give my final thoughts.  If I can get 2-3 Nuggets in and Lebron around some other solid plays I will go with Lebron.  More than likely I will build 2 lineups, 1 with Lebron and 1 without just to see what it will look like either way I go.  From there I’ll decided exactly how much exposure to Lebron I will want in my lineups.
Cedi Osman69005900
Cedi has the 2nd highest USG rate of the Cavs starters this season.  The problem here is that he’s only played 13 mins total without Love on the floor.  So there really isn’t any data to tell us if this is a good play or not.  I just feel like most will go to Nance or Tristan Thompson as the Kevin Love replacement. I think both of them are fine plays, but I wasn’t some Cedi exposure as my gut says he becomes the man for the Cavs tonight.
PFNikola Jokic103009800
The Joker is becoming an elite play day in day out.  The matchup says he is a lock tonight.  If I’m fading Jokic I think I want exposure to Millsap though.
Aaron Gordon76007100
There is a list of PF’s to play tonight and all are viable options.  I think Gordon may go overlooked and gives us a little bit of salary savings over Jokic and Griffin.  Gordon’s ceiling isn’t at the same level but it is higher than his 7600-price point.
CAndre Drummond95009000
This slate is actually looking harder and harder as I go through this.  Center isn’t fun tonight.  Everyone’s priced up, I will more than likely go value tonight at Center but Drummond is by far the top play.  Again, this is going to come back to whether I am getting Lebron/Jokic in or not.


Chump Charity

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘Chump’ these are value plays that you can slide into your lineup to help you relieve salary to pay up for some Studs.

PGCollin Sexton39003800
Reaching here, has been getting decent run in blowouts.  Game is double digits now for the spread, might be worth a shot!
SGTorrey Craig38003800
Splitting time with Juan to replace Barton.  Cheap and plays the Lakers.  Might get blow out run?
SFJuancho Hernangomez42003800
With Barton out Juan has gotten a minutes bump, might be my favorite punt option tonight.
Jonathon Simmons39004000
Has gotten over 20 mins in each game he’s played.  Not exciting but punt viable.
PFPatrick Patterson35003400
He’s not a good play but he’s min priced and starts…….
CTristan Thompson47004800
A value play, the Cavs will need Thompson’s size to matchup with Drummond.  With Love out TT is going to be relied heavily on rebounding for the Cavs.


Final Thoughts:

Let me caveat my final thoughts with a I am more than likely attacking gpps tonight so I will have multiple lineups.  With that being said I still like to do an initial build to see how it plays out.  I started with Lebron, Harris, Augustin, Cedi, and Thompson, and I found even with going Aaron Gordon at PF that I was having to punt with guys I didn’t want to punt with.  I took Lebron out and went down to Hernangomez, this allowed me to field a double premium PF with Griffin/Jokic then I could fill out my roster with Kyrie and Brown.  The only thing I don’t like about the lineup is that I am playing 3 Nuggets and no Lakers.  If I were to play double ups tonight I’d be more than confident to play this lineup.


Good Luck!

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