DFS Corner – October 19th, 2018

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Who let the DFS guy participate on a Dynasty NBA blog?

Whether Dynasty and Season long truthers want to admit it, there is a lot of correlation between Daily Fantasy Sports and Season/Dynasty Leagues. The biggest tie ins that I have found are the temporary streamers and value plays.  If it weren’t for DFS I would have never known about guys like Tyrone Wallace, Caris Levert, or everyone’s favorite opportunity play Boban Marjanovic.  These guys aren’t going to be players that are going to ultimately win you you’re league but if given the opportunity they might be temporary pickups that can help you get a weekly win or 2 throughout the season.  Okay, I’m done trying to defend myself here, and am going to use the rest of my blog post to take a look at the opening day slate.  I will be using FanDuel positions for my breakdowns but will list the price on FD and DK.

Here is a quick look at today’s slate:


Cash Game Targets

When looking at cash game players I will be looking at guys that have high floors, whether it is matchup driven or price driven, these players will help you make that cash line in Double Ups and H2Hs.  Cash Game Targets can also be used in Gpp lineups to anchor down your core.




Jeff Teague70006400
30+ Minutes at the PG position at 7k.  Cavs gave up 60+ FPs to PGs in their first game this season.  Teague’s efficiency as a scorer, ability to drop dimes, and pick up a steal or 2 have me all over him in this matchup.
Mike Conley78006800
Coming off an embarrassing loss to the Pacers the Grizzles are going to look to rebound vs the Hawks tonight.  This is their home debut, Conley gets to matchup against one of the worst teams at defending the PG.  If Trae Young guards Conley this could be a ceiling game for Conley.  I will be playing loads of Teague, Conley, and Kyrie tonight.


Dennis Schroder*70007700
*This play is only recommended if Westbrook sits.  Problem here is this a late game so we may not know if Russell is playing or not before lock.  If we get the right news lock Schroder in if Westbrook is in, do not play him.
Donovan Mitchell80007800
Mitchell comes in at around 30% USG rate in a big-time pace up game for the Jazz.  The Jazz are home dogs here and if they keep this game close (I really think they do and Vegas agrees) Mitchell will have a huge hand in it.  It’s a steep price but the floor is just too hard to ignore.
SFKawhi Leonard94008500
Leonard played 37 minutes in the opener vs the Cavs and went 24/12/2 with no steals or blocks.  Its not the most impressive stat line you will see from Leonard this year but it’s good enough to show me that there isn’t any rust with Kawhi.  Tonight’s a battle for the King of the East in Toronto and it should be a fun one.  I not only like to target high total games in dfs I also like to target close games. In close games the Stars come out to play…. I fully expect Leonard to bring it tonight.
Nemanja Bjelica50004600
Bjelica got the start versus the Jazz in the opener and put up 18/8 in 27 minutes.  If he starts again tonight I like him a lot in an up-pace game vs the Pelicans.  I could see Bjelica matching or out performing his game 1 stat line if he gets another 28 minutes.
PFKevin Love80008000
Look I get it, the Cavs are a dumpster fire but so are the Wolves.  Love isn’t the same type of player that LMA is but he is an elite rebounder and outside of KAT the Wolves just don’t rebound well. Love also comes with a 25.6% USG rate and last game vs the Raptors it was at 32%.  Love will 100% be in my cash lineup tonight.  This has been the hardest slate for me to determine but I’m going to call Love my LOCK OF THE NIGHT!
Domantas Sabonis56005900
Sabonis just keeps playing well and pushing for more minutes.  He is a double/double machine and at 5600 I want that 22-24 pt floor with some upside in Cash.  To get a bit of salary relief I may look at sliding Sabonis in my cash lineup and feel confident that he hits value tonight.
CEnes Kanter75007400
Kanter’s name should probably be Can’ter as in I just Can’ter play him in cash.  I’m trying to not let my bias influence my DFS decisions.  Kanter is one of the most frustrating players to own in DFS and rightfully so. I just think this spot is too good to ignore.  Kanter thrives in Pace up games, and is coming off a double double in 27 mins vs the Hawks.  I can understand if you think it’s too risky but I will have Kanter in my double up lineups.


GPP/Tournament Targets

Players that have high ceilings and are a little more on the risky side.



Kyrie Irving80006600
My love for Kyrie holds no bounds.  I will have tons of exposure on him tonight as I want to be on him when he blows up.
Darren Collison46004800
Value and potential. Collison isn’t going for 50 tonight but at 4600 if he can hit some 3’s and have a ceiling assist game I could see 7X potential from him.


Victor Oladipo84008400
I made a comment about Dipo previously always being a GPP target and I’m not kidding.  He has a 60 pt ceiling and is always low owned.  He has a tough matchup with the Bucks and if the Pacers want to win they need their stud to play well… Dipo went 16/5/5 in an off-game vs the Grizzles.  He will bring it tonight in Milwaukee.
Jeremy Lamb53005500
Lamb shines more when Kemba or Batum is out but I really think he will have the occasional big game.  Which is exactly what we need to take down a gpp.  The Hornets are in Orlando tonight and are a 2.5 pt favorite.  It’s a new season but Lamb has put up good numbers vs Orlando in the past.  He averages 16/4/3 for 27 FD fpts a game last season, which for his price point is perfect to attack.
Giannis puts up 53.6 fpts last game and his price drops…. he carried a 41% usage rate during that game.  He really could be considered a cash must but with Leonard being 2k cheaper I went with the savings instead.  Feel free to get Giannis in any of your lineup styles.
Kevin Durant102009600
We took advantage of playing Wall over Dame/Simmons last night and my thoughts on Durant align with this kind of play.  Durant has extreme upside, they are playing in Utah, and just because of this matchup people will fade him.  This is when you attack players like this, when the ownership will be low and the game should be close.  I think I will fade Curry and cram Durant when I can tonight.
PFAnthony Davis1330011600
AD could easily be the highest scoring player on the slate.  That’s good to have in gpp’s and with his price being 1500 more than Giannis and 3100 more than Durant his ownership will be low.
Ersan Illyasova45004400
Ersan fits in well with the bucks. It’s nice for them to have a big that can stretch the floor on the offensive end.  This gives spacing for Bledsoe, Giannis, and Middleton to work.  Ersan saw 29 mins vs Charlotte, I think those mins will be there to stay.
The only person stopping KAT tonight is himself.  If he can stay out of foul trouble I can see a 50+ burger coming his way.  I may only have Kanter/KAT tonight in my center position.


Chump Charity

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘Chump’ these are value plays that you can slide into your lineup to help you relieve salary to pay up for some Studs.

PGYogi Ferrell39004000
Played 30 minutes last game.  He’s cheap and he sees the floor…
Fred Van Vleet44004600
With Wright out this means VanVleet will be the sole PG2 for the Raptors tonight.  He used to this advantage in game 1 by scoring 22.9 fpts in 25 minutes.
SGMarShon Brooks41004300
It’s not a great punt but he did see 22 mins the other night.  It’s hard to find minutes and cheap as FD has done some price adjusting.
Vince Carter37003600
Revenge Narrative for you narrative people…cheap, played 24 mins vs the Knicks.
SFJared Dudley38003300
Dudley played 36 mins vs Detroit, granted he wasn’t good, you just can’t find that type of opportunity at 3800.  Those are cash viable minutes…..
DeAndre Bembry36003900
Bembry had 16.8 fpts vs the Knicks and only scored 2 points.  That is a bit promising for a 3600 player.  He saw 23 mins in the blow out loss…Hawks could get blown out a lot this year.  Bembry is an interesting play at his price.
CEd Davis37003900
When Davis gets minutes, he can fill up the sheet.  I would confirm that RHJ is out before getting too carried away with plugging Davis in lineups.  Davis’s stat line vs Detroit 8 pts 7 board 3 asts in 17 mins!


Final Thoughts:

My initial build came in at 1400 over 60k.  This means I had to find some salary relief.  I was sitting at Teague/Conley/Mitchell/Lamb/Leonard/Punt/Love/Ersan/Kanter.  I was really hoping to only have to dive into the Chump Charity plays on 1 play but due to salary I was forced to drop Lamb in hopes of hitting on a second punt.  Overall, my lineup is very balanced for cash tonight and although I lack the superstars I have some solid 2nd tier guys with high floors.  I am more than happy to put this lineup in for my double ups, now to move onto my player pool for gpps.  As always if you like or hate what you see here feel free to reach out to me by leaving a comment or hitting me up in Twitter.

Good Luck!!

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